About luke hemmings

About a teenager named Luke hemmings from five seconds of summer


1. about Luke hemmings

This is about Luke hemmings he is in a band called 5 seconds of summer

He full name is Lucas Robert hemmings and he is 18 years old he was born on the 16 of July 1996 and his mother is liz hemmings and his dad Andrew hemmings and his 2 brothers Ben hemmings and jack hemmings

Luke hemmings when to Norwest Christian college

He has blue eyes and blonde hair he is a dreamy boy yay

He is the lead vocalist and the rhythm guitarist in the band

His first video was uploaded on the 13 of February 2011 and it's called please don't go

The songs that Luke hemmings has written and co written:

1)don't stop

2)kiss me kiss me


4)beside you

5)heartbreak girl

6)lost boy

7)social casualty

8)never be

9)heartache on the big screen


11)try hard

12)out of my limit

13)wrapped around your finger

And fans for 5 sos this is information about Luke hemmings have fun

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