Keeley Construction Services

At Keeley Construction, we’ve been helping others grow for 34 years. And in the process we’ve grown a bit ourselves. Decades of working with clients in various industries have made us who we are today: A company with best-in-class resources that’s known as one of the premier design/build firms in Chicago.


1. About Keeley Construction

Keeley Construction is a general consulting contractor firm that services the Chicago metropolitan area or Chicagoland. We have been the leading construction partner of several firms, and we've been helping them grow for more than three decades. We help clients to see all their options, even the ones they hadn't thought of.


Being an innovative construction company, we add value to real estate deals by rebuilding our client's assets. We also have decades of experience working with clients in various industries, so we're in touch with the pulse of what really works, what doesn't and what new technologies are promising.


As a result of our countless endeavors, we've grown to a company with best in-class resources that is known as one of the paramount design and build firms in Chicago. We're always making sure that the design and construction process will be trouble-free as possible for our clients.


We are also renowned for our distinct perspective. We are not just hired by our clients, but we're invited to partner with them. Certainly, we create great designs and deliver on time and on budget. However, our utmost priority will always be our clients and making sure that they get what they need.


We build for Fortune 500 companies, but here at Keeley Construction, our customer base is heavy with middle market companies and erudite buyers of construction services. Our diversity in various construction sectors is our primary strength. We don't stop at intricate building renovations, new warehouses or office parks. We also have substantial experience in niche projects like places of worship, educational institutions, and food storage/processing facilities. Our state-of-the-art projects are built by the best and brightest in the industry.


We provide a consistent sense of energy, compassion, order and closure to the construction process. Our capability to help companies transition into a new facility has given us the advantage to be a chosen as a partner before the bidding because of our successful history.


It is true that when you hire a construction firm, you'll need to consider your commitment to its people and distinguish their value, and not just the company itself. And we believe that our company has great individuals who possess outstanding qualities when it comes to this business. They put their client's needs and safety on the top of their priorities and they are truly personable persons. They also have high sense of urgency and professionalism.


We have undergone many challenges in this business and we successfully overcome all of them, however, you wouldn't know it from our attitude. Our goal is to surpass expectations as a design/build firm, client partner, and corporate citizen.


We offer general consulting and contracting services for commercial, industrial and institutional customers. We provide construction management, design, earthmoving, concrete, plumbing, heating and metal buildings. Our company was established in 1977 and incorporated in Maine in 1979.


Mr. James F. Keeley, Jr. is the president of the company and it currently employs 75 people. Any questions or problems should be directed to his attention.


For further information, you can call or e-mail us a question at 833-8600 and

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