What if?

I was just a normal girl, he was super famous and would never know about my existence..
But what if, after all, it was possible?


1. 1 : introduction

I woke up yawning but happy, it was the first day of holidays ! I streched my back and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower. I got dressed with a pair of black shorts, a blue shirt with 'idiot' written on the back and a black top under. I got in the kitchen to have a breakfast. While my bread was in the toaster, I took my phone, open my twitter and tweet something :

"@Michael5SOS Good morning Mikey, I hope you will have a good day. Love you ♥"

Then I turn on the music and start singing (with an awful voice) "Hey pretty girl what's your name ? What's your number ?" ♪ [I don't know a lot of people who know this song so it's I can't remember from Michael and Cal' ]

So, you may have guess that I'm a Michael's girl in the 5sosfam. I really entered the fandom a bit before 1D got friend with them. A friendmade me listen to them at their debut and I loved them but, for an unknow reason, I kind of forgot about them and I know regret that I didn't had the chance to see them growing as a great band.

I'm not the kind of girl that spams them with tweet like "Please follow me x99999" I love them and I think that even if they will never read my little tweets saying good morning, good night or you're amazing I love you, I don't really care because they're a part of my life and that's the most important thing for me.

I never had the chance to see them in concert because I live in New Caledonia, it's a little french island near Australia so they don't even know it exist and I can't afford a concert ticket plus a plane ticket and hotel and food so I keep looking for live video of them and I imagine I'm at a concert... Pathetic I know

Anyway, I need to get ready to go see some of my friends because I leave in one week, I'm going in Australia for a while then maybe in France to study.


Soooo this is my first fiction leave comments and tell me what you think I know it's a bit short sorry and I apologize if there is spelling mistakes I'm french and this story is probably going to look like what I'm always dreaming about :p

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