This is the beginning of an idea I have that I want to do for my English Language coursework, but I'm not sure, even if I don't use it I still like the idea.


1. Anxiety (title will be changed)

I am the disease that uses your insecurities against you because I know them all. I bully you with the words YOU say: “Everyone’s laughing at me!”, “Really? That’s going to go SO well, isn’t it?” I torture you as a game that never ends; it never gets old because I am ALWAYS the winner. I am the vulture that eats at your mind for months, if not years. By the end, you'll wish you could get rid of me, but you cannot be isolated – I am Lego that is permanently glued together. I make you reconsider every thought you’ve ever had. I brain wash you. I make you panic. I make you freak out. I make you look back and force you to think; “I lied. I cried. I was paralysed. Defied. Denied.  I realised. Confide. I tried. Traumatised”. I've made a beautiful mess, that’s unravelling into a marvellous creation – sweet and perfect. 

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