Barely Living

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl and her brother are struggling to survive the harsh new world filled with the living dead. They will go through great struggles and meet many people. But along the way will she find something more?


1. Prologue

The blazing, white-hot sun beat down on us as we hurried through the forest. My older brother was dragging me along. He was trying to put distance between us and them. Them, as in, the living dead that roam the landscape looking for their next meal. We were safe for a little while after the outbreak happened. It was me, my older brother and my father. We held up in our farmhouse.

        The days went by and we started to get low on food. So my father decided to make a run to the nearest town to get any supplies he could find. He was gone for quite awhile, and I was starting to get worried. Greyson, my older brother, kept telling me that everything was okay. That dad was going to be home soon.

        He was right. Dad arrived shortly after that, but he didn’t realize what he had brought with him. A herd of the living dead was heading toward our house. We rushed inside and dad got out all the guns and ammo. I was told to go gather food and supplies. All of us were trying to hurry, so that would could escape before they got here.

        Quickly, I loaded up the truck, but Greyson and my father were still inside. The herd was drawing closer. We needed to leave.

        “DAD!” I yelled. “GREYSON! COME ON!”

        That day we got out of there alive. Not long after that we stayed in a small place above one of the stores in town. It was quiet for about 2 weeks. Then today happened.

        The number of dead people passing by each day was raising so we decided that we should move on to our next location.  Our truck had broken down since we first arrived at this town. We were only left with the option of traveling on foot since we didn't know how to hot-wire a car either. The time came and we gathered our things and headed out.

        It was all good. We made it to some railroad tracks and followed them into the forest. It was quiet for some time. Not a biter (guess that's what i’ll start calling them) in sight. That is until a whole herd came crashing out of the forest to our right. We were caught off guard and soon we would be overwhelmed by them. My dad started firing as he told us to run away. Greyson grabbed my arm and ran. As I turned to look back at my father a biter bit into him. I could feel the hot tears rolling down my face. He was gone forever. I didn’t even get to say good-bye.

        Greyson shot some stray biters, but the rest were all busy munching on my father. Greyson never looked back but I knew that he probably had an idea of what happened to our dad. He didn’t show any emotion as he tore through the forest, putting as much distant as he could between us and them.

Sorry this chapter is so short. It's more of an introduction. I am a fan of The Walking Dead, but this is not a fan fiction. They are just set in the same type of world. So if that's what you came here for I'm sorry. This will include romance, so be ready for that.
I hope you enjoy the story.

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