Glenn Conway is an ordinary 18-year-old boy who lives in Queens, New York. He lives with his parents and little brother, Aiden, who is just three years old. Glenn lives the most ordinary life a teenage boy can live. But on the night of his cousin's wedding he gets kidnapped by strange men in the parking lot. He is sold to some rich guy with a fancy front yard who has everything to offer. But for Glenn it isn't enough. As he tries to escape and find his way back home he meets someone who just might change his world forever.


This is a story I'm working on currently that I actually want to try publishing in the real world. The first chapter will be put up in the beginning of September, so add it to your library and stay tuned!


1. Prologue

It was dark in the girl's vision and she smelled sulfur. It wasn't helping that she was starving and the air around her was sticky.

The girl dragged her feet wherever she was pushed and tugged. Her lips were chapped and her throat dry. She was so dizzy she feared she might pass out. That wouldn't be a good idea-- she didn't know what these people were capable of doing to her.

She was pushed down and landed on something thin and soft. The black sack was taken off of her head and her eyes were blinded by the artificial light that filled the room. Her hands were bound by rope at her back and it was digging into her already bleeding wrists.

Three men stood before her, towering over her frail body. The two on the sides looked American. One of them had a black beard, and the other one had a scar on his right cheek, stretching all the way from his eyebrow and down to the corner of his mouth. The one in the center had snow white hair. He wasn't old, though, maybe somewhere in his late twenties. He also had a cigar in between his teeth. He walked over to the girl and blew smoke in her face. She cringed as the molecules went up her nose.

"Wow, nice job, boys," he drawled. "Such a pretty thing."

The strange man lifted the girl's chin with his fingers, slowly running a thumb across her cheek. She felt a single tear rolling down her already salt-stained face. She hated crying, but who wouldn't cry when they were kidnapped by some strange men after leaving work one evening?

"She's perfect," the white-haired man said. Every breath he exhaled in her face reeked of tobacco. "Boss will be very pleased."

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