''The Student''

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  • Published: 18 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 18 Jun 2015
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The story follows one day of the life of a student who is secrectly in love with a very special woman.
Is their impossible love doomed from the start?
Read and find out....


1. o.k

    The young leaves pelt on the wind and coruscate with metallic reflection. A voluptuous little white cloud crawls to the window but the wind tears up light and transparent fibres and takes them to the bottomless sky abyss.


                                                                               . . .


-Young man! Yes,you by the window. Exactly you! You should stand. Where do you think you are?

-At your lecture,sir!

-Did you heard a word of what I was talking?


-Have you ever heard me?

-I don't know!-replied the young man

-People, how many times to tell you that my lectures are not obligatory. If I bore you,you're free to go...but if you want to learn a bit more about world history,you may stay.

-You, young man can go. Just get out!


                                                                                  . . .


  The student dragged himself down the staircase and rapidly passed the shady corridor,pushed the big door and for a moment the bright May sun blinded him and he finally got out his reverie.


                                                                                  . . .


 The day was not that hot, the wind was mild and had the scent of river and berries. Across, the greenery of the birches rises in waves but behind it, the silver spurt of the fountain was dancing slowly. The were bare-footed little children nearby,playing and screaming.


                                                                                 . . .


The student crossed the street,bought a packet of cigarettes and strode along the garden by stepping lazily on the black shadow of the cast-iron fence. The student forgot already about the lecture and the tetchy professor. From this dawn,the young man thought only about the letter from yesterday:

''….you may have numerous admirers but only I love you. I'm ready to do anything to believe me. What will happen after that-you will decide,but this meeting is inevitable.''

The student didn't hurry. He wished to hurry-like that his crazy confidence during the lecture in world history would not disappear.


                                                                                  . . .


  The cost ally was almost empty. Only young mother was pushing a baby-stroll and a couple of fishermen were clattering with their rods.

The young student went very near the water and sat on the concrete step.

The river runs opposite the clouds, dark a the other coast and perfectly clear under the young man's feet.

''…. only I love you...''

It may sound stupid and sentimental. But what can I do? Love was not invented by me...and she...she is a star-that's the whole trouble. Why on Earth she became an actress, a famous one! If she wasn't a celebrity everything would be simpler! And my note wouldn't sound ridiculous. But there was no way. We had to meet. I have to tell her the words she will never hear from someone else.


                                                                        . . .


The river dazzlingly shine on the sun. The young poplars rustles above the student's head. But the river is just a river-it won't help you...


                                                                        . . .


  She came. Ten steps away. She was beautiful and untouchable,like a dream. She wasn't alone. Next to her was standing a very tall guy,all dressed in white. He lits a cigarette and man can guess on his dull expression of the face that he came here against his will and has nothing in common with the actress and the student.

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