Poem to a friend - It´s time to pick the rotten rose out of the garden

Have you ever had
A friend that was´t so nice
One who treated you so bad
But you could´t see it all was a lie

You kept thinking it´s all okay
Or eventually it would be
But you wake up one day
And realise everything you couldn´t see

This is a poem for you my friend
Who isn´t likely to be called that anymore
This is about how it have ended
Now it´s time to close a door


1. poetry.





Nothing is so speciel 

When you´re here to reject me

Nothing matters more

When you battle up to war



A friend of mine once said

Friendship last a lifetime

An ex of mine once said

Holding on is a crime



Words can´t be left without 

Words will always be in my mouth

But once you knock me down

I will shout them out loud



A girl in school once said 

You are here to stay

A boy in school once said

Today is forgivness´s day



But I would rather stop

Living my life in peace

Then being in a fight

With my best friend who always tease



A teacher once letted me know

That being all alone

Is never the answer to life

But real friends will stay all the time



I wanted to hold on so tight

Dear, you used to be the day

But now you´re dark as night

And turn everything in to grey



Colourful used to be my day

Tree so green and sun in sky

You turned it all to dust and lied

Made me think is this what friendship is all ´bout



A friend this poem is to

You treated me like poo

But know it´s time for you to go

Let the poo turn into a flower or so



A friend of me once said

I will be here to the end of everything

But what seems to be faith

Is that is all turned out great



Battle is no way to live life

Peace is one thing that is bright

Bright as the sun and clear as the sky

Maybe we reached too high



To you this letter is to

Hope you know what for 

You treat me bad and lie you do

Friends we will be no more






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