It all started in a club

What happens to The One Direction boys go to a club and meet a fascinating girl?


1. Lè Club


Harry's POV

    The lads and I had just gotten a break and we decided to go to a club and have some fun. Well it took some time to figure it out but since we where near home we decided to go to a different club from the usual one. I know it may sound boring but it's literally called "Lè Club".

    We were getting ready by now and I didn't have much trouble to find clothes to start so I just put on some black jeans ,Adidas and a black V neck shirt. Sprayed myself with cologne and I was ready to go.


    We all decided to meet downstairs by 7 and leave by 7:15 beside it took sometime to get there.

    I was sitting In the back in the middle with Louis on my left and Niall on my right, Liam was driving and Zayn next to him. The whole time Louis was saying I was going to get some and that he would find me the love of my life. Okay then... Liam was laughing a bit at him really people come on.

    We finally arrived there at 8 something. The place was not really that packed but it was somewhat full. The bar was at the far corner with stools and there was Booths and tables back there full of people there was music playing but it wasn't really 'Turnt' if you know what I mean.

    There was a DJ stand and a stage in the front. Finally the lights turn off and the club lights go on.


    We then hear a woman "You guys ready to party?!" You heard a few yeahs but when the girl came out everyone but us knew who it was. She was gorgeous she was wearing  black MC Hammer pants, a flannel around her waist and a short sleeve shirt that said "Eat my ass like a cupcake"

    She asked again "I said are you ready to PARTY?!!?!"

    Everyone was screaming "YEAH!!"

    "Okay, y'all are in for a special treat so stick around!" She walked up to the DJ stand and started playing Only - with Nicki Minaj ,Drake and Lil Wayne. She came out on the dance floor and started dancing I'm not going to lie but she can dance.

    Near the end of the song she went back to the stand. "Are y'all ready for your treat?!" She asked "YES!" We all answered back . "So I'm going to throw in a throwback and dance and sing since this is rare of me to do this I choose this song."

    The music started and she started dancing to the song" Yeah!" by Usher. She was a really good dancer and she would sing here and there but then she pulled Zayn on stage and he started dancing with her. Not going to lie I felt jealous . When she was done her and Zayn hugged and she went back to DJing.


Zayn's POV

    That was fun! That girl was hot as hell she had some tattoos I could tell and she was wearing no makeup at all. When we were hugging she slid a paper in my pocket, it said:


                         let's be
                    friends yeah?
                             ~ Alex
I think I'm going to like coming here;)


Hey guys I'm so happy to be writing this story I was listening to music and a vision of this came in my mind so I had to write it .






Well I love you all please send feed back or even ask me to read your story I gladly will thanks my loves


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