The Perfect Day

Short story


1. Picture it

You walk in a field of flowers, the sun shining bright, the sky bright blue. A double rainbow shines vibrantly, each color popping out more than the other. As you walk, you notice time slows down, the whole world stops and waits for you. You watch your step carefully, placing one foot in front of another. Your wearing a loose t-shirt, leggings, and converse. Your hair is a dark brown perfectly messy with blonde streaks, the summer look. You have a bag with your art supplies. You take our our paper and watercolor and paint the scenery. Your hand moves swiftly and softly, as burst of colors come out of your brush. As you finish you put your stuff away and keep walk. You don't worry about time. You leave your worries behind and forget about thinking. Slowly you walk soaking up all the heat from the sun, smiling. There is a slight breeze. You walk against the breeze letting it blow your messy wavy hair behind you. You are all alone. The sounds of the birds chirping is very clear, every step you take crunches against the ground. Not far in front of you, there is a small stream. And there is a small waterfall making a trickling sound. You run up to the stream and splash the water on your face. The coldness of the water feels refreshing. As you play with the water, you notice colorful fish swimming near by, their tails thin and shear. Everything looks so beautiful, so perfect, almost like an illusion. And then you realize, that this is really..... The perfect day.

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