Broken Love

This is a story about a girl who fell in love with another girl from her school.


1. Part one.


    Aleeya was starting ninth grade now. She heard all the rumors of high school, how all the teachers treat you differently and the kids are mean to you in the halls. Aleeya was kind of of scared to start ninth grade even though she knew she would make  new friends.

  On the first day of school, she was really nervous and half the time didn't know what to say. She wore all black. Her Skinny jeans were dark black and fit her well, there were no rips in them because she wasn't allowed to wear those kind of clothing. She always wore a sweater, the same one almost everyday, unless she could have found the other one, a nicer one in her messy bedroom. It as black and heavy. it went down, almost past her butt.

   Her first class was math. She was pretty comfortable in that class because of her friends she had from 8th grade. Even though Aleeya hated math she always had the best score but..her best friend Amanda was catching up. Competition.

   Aleeya dragged her way through most of her classes until she got to lunch. Lunch was where she got to hang out with her friends and break the rules a little bit. She was new to this whole lunch thing and didn't know where to sit so she met up with her friends and sat with them. She didn't eat the first day.

    The past few days (3 days) she got used to the school and how it was. Se already knew where everything was such as the Library. The place she would always go to when she wanted a new book, all her books were sad, there was no happy. Those past few days she even noticed people in the hall, most of them she didn't care about. There was just one person.


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