A Day In The Life Of Me!

Well I've decided to give you guys a normal day for me, TheBronyComicLord


1. The Life

Well of course, I get up and get a breakfast burrito.

I eat and play video games until 10:00 AM.

At that time, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comes on so I put down my controller and watch the 4 or 5 episodes of MLP FiM. Even if I've already seen the episodes.

After that it would be 12:30 PM LUNCH TIME!

I normally eat a sandwich of some sort, going from Spam to just regular Balogna.

Later I play more video games until 2:00 PM

Then I go swim in our pool. After that my afro is all messed up so I take a shower.

About now it would be 4:00 PM so I go on Movellas and check my stories for any useful feedback.

At 4:30 I watch MLP stuff on Youtube and then I watch Markiplier.

At 6:00 PM my parents make dinner.

I eat it and then play even more video games.

Then I go to bed at 10:30 PM and I'm ready to start another day.



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