Winter's summer

Winter spend most of her summer home but when she's given to have more freedom winter and her best friend go to a summer pool party she expected to loosed up and talk to her crush but instead ends up talking to someone's else will winter have the best summer ever will he be her Prince Charming

This is my first book so idk
Tell me how I did leave comments


1. Ask your dad

 Winter's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing from my nightstand .
 "Hello?" I said while struggling to get up .
"Good morning! !" Ashley (best friend ) shouted through the phone making me jump and hit my head with my bunk bed
I have  known Ashley almost my whole life but I don't know what she be on in the  morning 
" Ahh stupid bunk bed" I shouted ,
I don't even know why I have a bunk bed I'm an only child 
   " Why you always hitting your self  with your bed " she asked I was about to say something but she cut me off.
     "Anyways there's the party and you know...." I cut her off before she could say anything else I know where she was going with this.
  " No no you know I can't have you met my dad, he doesn't even me go to the corner store without thinking I'm going to come back drugged " i said while putting on my slippers 
    "But your not going alone plus it's a summer pool party, are you going to spend your summer home and jake is going to be there !! " jake is this dude we both have a crush on 
    "Fine I'll try , no promises though"
I finally said after thinking about how jake would look shirtless 
   "Yea thanks , text me " she shouted sounding so excited 
      " Ok bye " I hung up and went down stair 
   My mom was making breakfast and my dad was watching last nights game he looked kind of creepy he just smiled at the tv like it was talking pictures 
 I guess the eagles were winning 
I decided to ask my mom about the party but she just kept glancing over to my dad .
  You know it's your dad you have to ask and right now it's the perfect time to ask" she whispered to me .
   I turn to ask my dad but I just open my mouth and no words came out 
     " Yes winter" he said while still looking at the game.
    "Umm I was wandering if I could go to a party with Ashley ?" I asked
     " I don't know winter , last time I let you go to a party, you came back looking like a drugged hippie " he said with a serious expression . I really had no idea what happen to me, all I know is that Ashley was there and she told me how I was singing with a some drunk dudes and jumping on tables and one of them flipped over and landed on me which explain the headache I had the next day
   I'm sorry about that ok but I won't do it again" I finally said snapping out if what I was thinking 
      "Please... You don't even let me go to the corner store " I begged giving him puppy eyes .
   " fine but this is your last chance" he was looking with his business men serious face .
"   Yeaaa thanks " I said while giving him a hug 
 " Since your 16 now I guess I can give you more freedom "he looked at me and smiled 
"  Thank dad love you " I was about to head up stair to tell Ashley the news 
  " hello young lady are you going to wat your breakfast " mom asked
 " Ohh yea " I said going back down stairs, I was so excited that I almost forgot .
    After breakfast I ran up stairs to text Ashley, she got sooooo excited about going to the party with me . 
  We just talked all after noon and we plan to go to the mall on Wednesday 



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