Atarashii Sekai

Two friends find themselves in a new world


1. What... The Fuck?

“What… Just happened?”

“How the hell would I know!?”

I’m lying down in a… Meadow? No way, we were on our way back from school.

I look up at the sky, it’s blue without a cloud in sight.

“Well I can tell you one thing Satoshi. We are not in Tokyo.

” Satoshi’s pupils widened with surprise, he shaked his head and said,
“Have you finally become crazy Akira? Hahaha, not in Tokyo. If we’re not in Tokyo then where the fuck are we!?”

I stood up and looked around.

Yup, it’s a meadow alright.

– I don’t know man but let’s recount everything that has happened since we came to Japan. I’ll start.

“My name is Akira Kusanagi, My mom is american and my dad is japanes-

– Why are you talking about your parents?

– I thought we were talking about what has happened since we got to Japan?

– Yeah but we’re not supposed to give a backstory!

– But the backstory is real.

– That´s not the poin- Ugh, carry on.

– Forget it.

I’ll just do it in my head if he’s gonna be weird about it.

I’ll do it as if I was explaining my life to someone like in the beginning of a manga.

Yeah, that’ll make it easier.

As I was saying, my dad is japanese, how did he marry an american?

Well, you can thank manga for that.

Anyways, I was born and raised in America, I was 15 years old and finally going to start high school!

But then dad got this offer from his superior to work in Japan(my dad’s a military officer) and my dad was kind of like, “If you guys wanna do it then alright”, mom and me the otakus of course jumped at the opportunity.

My dad’s best friend who’s also a a military officer has gone on countless missions with my dad so they’re like brothers.

Coincidentally my dad’s best friend is also a japanese guy who moved to America with his american wife.

They are childhood friends.

He has a son named Satoshi Kazuma.

My dad’s given name is Takeshi and Satoshi’s dad’s given name is Junichi.

They both keep telling us that the Kusanagi and Kazuma bloodlines are old and powerful.
My dad even tells me that my family, the Kusanagi family’s forefather is Yamato Takeru, it would be awesome if that was true.

Satoshi and I are the same age and we’ve grown up together so when Satoshi’s dad got the offer to be stationed in Japan forever he gave the ok, seeing how Satoshi loves anime (he and I are always fighting about which is better manga or anime, it’s manga duh) and since dad and Uncle Jun would be transferred to the same area Satoshi and I can go to the same school so we wouldn’t be lonely even if we couldn’t speak japanese (yeah, we can’t).

And so the summer ended and we started high school in the same class.

To be honest I know it was stupid of me but I expected a class full of typical manga characters, a tsundere, a prim and proper class rep, at least three bitchy girls who gossip about everything and talk behind people’s backs and a delinquent.

What I got was my old class reborn in japanese bodies.

Satoshi was also expecting something else(I could see that by the look of denial on his face) he was probably expecting a lot of ecchi and his own personal harem.

On our way home (it was just the first day and yet I had memorized the way to school and back… In conclusion, I am awesome) we were walking through the streets of Tokyo when I saw this ovalshaped shimmering light two meters tall.

Satoshi saw what I was staring at and told me to avoid it while walking past it but there was something about that light that made me go, “My Otaku sense is tingling… That was lame, whatever.”

So I went closer to the light with Satoshi behind me mumbling, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this, I watch anime, I should know”, .

I touched the light and it turned into a vortex dragging me and Satoshi in it.

We woke up in a meadow and here we are.

I turned around and looked at Satoshi, he was lying down on the grass.
It looked nice so I did it too.

– Hey Akira.

– Yeah?

-Is this really not Tokyo?

– Satoshi look at the sky.

– What about it?

– It’s clear and bright blue. Breathe.

Satoshi took a long breath.

– I get it, We wouldn’t find this kind of air and a sky like this one in a city like Tokyo right?

– Right.

– So if we’re not in Tokyo then where are we?

That´s a good question.

I stood up to try and see past the meadow but it was useless.

– Stand up Satoshi, we need to start walking so we can at least get a roof over our heads before nightfall.

– Alright but which way?

I thought for a sec but I couldn’t come up with any reasons to not just guess which direction to choose.

– You choose Satoshi.

Satoshi thought for a minute and then said with a strong voice,

“I choose forward, since that should always be our path from now on!”
I smiled and said, “Ohhh, Satoshi-sensei! Please teach me how to be a man like you!”

Satoshi blushed and mumbled, “You’re such a dick, I was trying to act a little anime like for once.”

I chuckled and started walking.

2 hours later…

– Satoshi! Did you see that!?

– Yeah, a guy riding a horse wearing medieval clothes.

– Let’s follow the road he was riding on.

We followed the road for about an hour and then we finally found houses, buildings and people.

There was only one problem, it was all japanese medieval.

And with japanese medieval I mean that the people was japanese but most of the swords hanging on men’s waists were long swords, their armor was european too.
Anyways, with this we can establish that we are not in our world, we are in another world… A New World.

I looked at Satoshi to see how he was reacting.
He had this look on his face that said,

“I can’t believe we actually got transported to another world but I can see it with my own eyes… Am I going crazy?”

I was probably having the same look on my face but all I can remember is what I said.

– Satoshi?

– Yeah?

– What… The Fuck?

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