Stalker City


1. New chapter

I checked my phone. I had four missed calls. My phone hasn't buzzed once today. All the calls were from the same number. I didn't recognize it. There was a message left on the last one. It was the voice of a teenage boy. I couldn't tell what he was saying. I called back. "Katie why haven't you answered my calls?" the boy asked. "First of all, it's Anna, not Katie! Second of all, who the heck are you? And third, stop calling me! Did it ever occur that you had a wrong number?" I asked, angry. "God baby, calm down!" he said. "I don't know you stop calling me!" I said. I hung up. He called me back. He left a voice mail. "I'm coming for you," he said. My parents were never home. Oh Lord, this could be my last day. I had a stalker! I locked all my doors and windows. My phone rang again. Same number. I answered. "What do you want?" I said, starting to cry. "I am in your neighbor hood now," he said. There was a knock at my door. "Answer the door and no one dies," the phone boy said. I grabbed my shotgun, cocked it, and answered. The boy was sooo cute. He had perfect parted hair and just these bright blue eyes. "Hey, I'm Cade, the phone boy," he said. "Why do you want to kill me so bad?" I asked. "Because the pretty face always dies," he whispered. I aimed my shotgun. He backed up. "I've been hunting since I was six. I'm thirteen. Aka, I've been shooting for seven years," I growled. He pulled out a gun as well. I fired at his chest. Bulls eye.

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