not what I was thinking

Danielle was just fine till she met the guy called jack


1. Chapter 1

"I love ice cream." I said as my best friend and I walked down the street downtown.

" You don't say."  That beautiful content had come from lizzy. Who is my best friend.

"Shut up Liz. It's not my fault that I'm addicted." 

She just raised an eyebrow at me. I quickly decided to shut up myself. That's one thing I don't want. To be on Lizzy Harvey's bad side. That girl is stinking dangerous. With four brothers and being the only girl, she knows how too take care of herself. 

Besides. She doesn't know that the reason I go for ice cream every day is so I can so him. Brandon hopper. 

He's in my classes in school. Well, most of them. He's super smart and really funny. He might not be super popular, but I like him. 

We walked into the ice cream shop and he was right there. Smiling at customers. I might have imagined it, but I could have sworn in that he smiled bigger when he laid eyes on me.

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