Reaper Warrior: Beginnings

A freshman in High School finds an alien gauntlet that links to his hand. Along with his friends and a team of Marines, they must battle Zombie-like alien warriors known as Reapers.


1. Troublemaker

My freshman year of high school and already I’m in the principals office. It has been 30 minutes since they called me over and for what, popping the tires off his car? I mean it’s not my fault that he parked in a parking spot that was for senior citizens only. Okay it was my entire fault but, I couldn’t help it. I had to make a name for myself and start my freshman year as the man that pranked the Principal.

    “Principal Hersh would like to see you now.” The secretary glared at me if I was criminal but, in heart she knew I was an angel. She could tell that I’m just a misunderstood teen who needs guidance in his life.

    “Okay.” I walked in and glanced around at his office.

The room was quiet and my heart started to rush. I could hear footsteps from down the hall. It was funny, they called me in and the principal wasn’t even here. I heard the footsteps get louder as I saw the knob twist and door opened. It was the principal he had a grin on his face. It looked as if a family member of his died this past weekend.

“Do you know why you’re here?” He asked me.

“To get a better learning education sir!” I was being a smart ass as usual. “Also to receive my PhD and graduate from this high school!”

    After that comment I saw his face full of rage, his eyes starting to bulge and his nose smoking out negative energy. I could tell that he want to take his pen and stab it straight through my throat. I looked at the window wanting to jump out of it and escape this place I call hell. He then looked and said in a low grungy voice.

    “You popped the tires off my car!” he yelled as the whole school could hear him down the hallway. He didn’t care though.

    “Do you have any idea of how much you cost on my insurance?!” He continued as I stared him trying to answer back.

    “Hey at least you could save more money on your car insurance?” Damn that got him really pissed off.  

    He looked at me with that same rage but only this time he started to calm down.  Hersh looked my profile and picked up the phone. I wondered he was doing.  He then looked at me and said.

    “I’m going to have to call your parents and tell them what happened.”

I was distraught and my face dropped as I glanced at him with revenge in mind. If my parents what happened today they’ll kill and strap me up to my bed and take out the whip. I can’t believe this is happening all to fast. It started with me pranking the Principal and ending with him calling my parents.

“I’m also going to have to ban you from the spring formal too.” He said it to me as if I was the bad guy but, the truth is I wasn’t.

He forced me to do what I had to do. I feel that this whole prank was Hersh setting me up the whole time.

“Are we done here, because I got other things to do besides listening to you making threats?” I said as I got up from chair and walked out the door.

“You may leave.” He said in a stern but, calm voice.

The bell rang as usual and school ended. I headed towards my locker only to be confronted by the varsity football team. As usual they greeted me with their gesture; A Slap to face and a shove to my locker. At a situation like this I had to think of something to give myself time without getting my face pummeled. Instead they smacked my books on floor and turned my bag inside out. I guess I deserved this after putting laxative in their drinks. Then again no I didn’t. It was just a matter of time until I was dumped back into a dumpster.

“Hey guys if this was about the prank I pulled in the lunch room I’m completely sorry but, you got to admit it was pretty funny.”  I tried to suck up to them as much as possible.

“Listen Alfaro, all is good. That just means that you’ll have to buy us lunch next week.” Nick said in a cunning yet sadistic voice.

I had to think of something to get out of this mess. I looked around for my options and saw the Janitor’s closet. It then hit me. I had just remembered that I stole his keys before I headed back to class after my trip to see Mr. Hersh. I’m just hoping that they buy my story. All I did was help the weak. Some could say I was like a modern day robin hood that would steal from the popular kids and give to the kids in need.

“Nick, I have something better.” He looked at me very suspiciously.

“I’m listening.”

“In my right pocket are keys that lead to a door for wiping away all your troubles away” They looked at me like I was playing them for idiots. Not that they already are.   I mean all you guys have to do is let me go and the door to your riches and fame is just a twist away.” I said with sly tone.

They searched my pockets and found the keys.  They looked at the key and then looked at each other with amazement on there face. They looked like 4 year olds after winning their first little league game. I was relieved when they me go. I picked up my bag and turned it right side up. I placed my books inside the bag and watched them jump for joy towards the Janitor’s closet. I couldn’t believe those idiots fell for it. I saw and made a run for it before they realized I made the whole thing up. I walked out of the school with a smile on my face. It was like take candy from baby except these babies were old enough to pass as college student.

    I took the usual route going home. They sky was blue and the sun was shining. It wouldn’t be long until I reached home. Looking up in the clear blue sky, I imagined myself in paradise; surrounded by beautiful girls, respected adults, and nice peaceful life and a shooting star?! I must be dreaming because that just came out of nowhere.

“What the hell was that?” I asked myself as I looked at the ground with a confused look on my face as I saw some sort of spaceship follow it. “What the hell is going on?”

I have one of two options.  Either head home and forget what I just saw flying over my head or go and see what it is and take it home with me. My parents are probably expecting home by now thinking to themselves what’s taking me so long or what kind of trouble I’ve gotten into. On the other I could go to the fun filled warehouse and see what that spaceship dropped for me. I thought through and went with a reasonable solution. I’ll go home and take whatever punishment they give me for popping the tire off the principal’s car. Knowing this it would get me angry enough to “cool out” for some nice fresh air.

I headed towards home but not, before looking back at the site of the crash. Walking home I saw Tiffany outside of her porch reading a book. If people saw her they would see her as normal girl. Not like the girls you usually run into. You could say she was like one my best friends. She came up to me with a smile.

“Hey, Chris. How are you” She said in a calm voice.

“Pretty good. How about yourself” I replied back.

“The usual”  She said casually. “So how was your day?”

“It was the usual; Pranks, principals, and Pretty boys.” I answered.

Our conversation went for a good five minutes and then she went inside. She had asked me about the prank I pulled in the cafeteria. She enjoyed it. In fact, it had made her laugh. I was thrilled that she enjoyed my work. She came back out and I saw her getting in the car with her friends. As she drove off she smiled at me and waved goodbye. Of course I smiled and waved goodbye in return. I finally had arrived at my front door step waiting for the barking on the other side of this door. Again I looked back at the crash site and wondered if it would still be there today.

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