Molly green is a 18 year old girl that doesn't have any type of bond with her grandma,but when her grandma bumps into one direction ( Molly's favorite band ) her grandma has some plans
This story is about all the surprises in Molly's life when and after she meets one direction


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My name is Molly green I am 18 years old I live with my mom and dad. I have a grandma but we don't have any bond with each other. I live in England and have a dog named Abby.

This is the story on how my grandma had the best plan ever and that so called plan had to do with me and one direction

Molly's POV

I was at one of my family party's again well by family I mean grandma and grandpa,mom and dad,aunt and uncle with my cousin. I was sitting down on my phone when my grandma asked if I wanted any thing from the store because she was going to go get more cheese.

"Ya can you get me two packs of starburst cherry gum please grandma" I tried to say nicely.

"Ok I will be right back"she answered back.

Grandma's POV

After I got in the car to go to the "store" which I was really going out to find one direction my granddaughters favorite band I went looking around town to find the boys.

After 30 minutes of looking I went to the store to get the cheese and gum. I was in the gum aisle of the store trying to find the gum and I couldn't find it so I went to ask somebody and as I was walking somebody bumped into me. Guess who it was! It was the boys and I heard them say where is that starburst cherry gum already. When the curly haired boy looked at me and said,"I'm sorry I didn't see you there but do you now where the starburst cherry gum is?"

"No I was walking to go ask someone and wow you guys are hard to find!"

"What do you mean find....uuh what's your name miss"the one with brown eyes asked me

"My name is and my granddaughter loves you guys and me and her are not on good terms so I was trim to find you guys to ask if you could do me a huge favor and come meet her to try to repair our bond" I explained

"Yes"the boy with the superman shirt said suddenly

"Wait Louis why did you say that so suddenly?"I think Zayn said

"I wasn't on good terms with my grandparents and they died I was so hard for me cause it was my fault that we were like that" Louis explained tying not to cry

"Would you guys really do that for me!?"

"Ya I guess I mean it's only for a little while it's not like you're me to marry her so ya but can we go get that gum first?"Liam said

"Thank you so much this means so much to me thank you"I said somewhat loud

Once the boys where in the life size boxes and the guards that Molly will not recognize where ready to walk in with them on dollies I walked in with the cheese and gum out the cheese on the counter and gave Molly her gum the door bell ringed and I went to answer it then the boxes rolled in and Molly sat up wondering what was happening.

"Molly greens this is for you from your grandma but you can't have it I till she tell than the magic word"the man said.

Molly's POV

Me grandma put me in a circle of boxes that were not the same size almost one direction sized but that's normal for me because crazy fan and all. My grandma put me in a half circle with the boxes.

"18"my grandma said

Then one by one the boxes opened and first was Zayn I slapped him then hugged him.

"Why did you slap me?"

"Because you left the band but I hugged you to."

"Ok"Zayn said in defeat

Then the next box opened to harry I screamed and hugged him. Next one other box opened to Louis again I screamed and hugged him. Another box opened to Niall and I screamed and handed him 100 free meals for 6 people that doesn't expire for nandos and he screamed and hugged me and he does have some lungs on him. I was in front of the last box with my back facing the box when hands grabbed my waist and turned me around but I kicked Liam before he could because I have been kidnapped before and that was the way the kidnapper used to pick me up when I was 6 and I was kidnapped for 4 years so it was only 6 years ago when I got back home. I kicked him in the stomach which probably caused a bruise and he dropped me and turned to help him up but he didn't look at me in till he was up and good. He looked me in my eyes and I looked in his and he grabbed my waist and I fainted I his arms

Hope you liked the story like, fav, fan, and please tell others!-Tiffy

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