Life As You Came

Raven never thought her life would turn upside down when she finds her best friend after 5 years of no connection, but she always thought they'd be together forever and always . [Calum Hood]


1. Intro

Hello I'm Raven Walker. I am 17 and live in New Mexico. Its a pretty dry state but it has the most beautiful sunsets. I'm a pretty typical teen, School, home, work, homework,sleep, repeat, sometimes fit in some party time. I have about 12ish friends, they can back me up, and sometimes be two faced b*****es, but I still love them.

I live with my mom and sister but I go to my brothers house as much as I can because I get board really quick and plus I want to spend as much time as I can with him before he goes to the air force. I have a little brother that lives with him too.

Well that's my 'normal' life. Sometimes I wish it would change but nothing ever comes around.


Alright, my first chapter...I'm new at this so give me some slack please hehe:) okay well I'll update later tonight:D


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