This is directly for you, I hope you enjoy.


1. A short introduction.


I do have a name, I do have a gender and I do have a specific way of acting although I feel that you as the reader should dictate this story and make what you want of it. If you would like me to be a different gender from what I am cool, you want to give me a new name? Cool.  This is my story and I am of course writing it but those details are details for you to make yourself and distinguish in your own way.

I do in fact have a family, a brother, two sisters and a mother and father. My brothers name is Nigel, my sisters are Angelica and India; all names chosen by my mother. My mother goes by the name of Georgia, my father is Steven.

I have a relatively small friendship group also, me and my best friend Dom and a girl named Cindy. We don't really speak much outside of school but they're the closest thing to real friends I have so I had better stick with them. Cindy is not your typical girl, she's more...down to Earth in a way. It sounds so stereotypical I know, a girl with a small friendship group and a small family, but it is true. Cindy has long red hair and usually wears it in curls or plaits. Dom on the other hand is your typical football-loving male. He would rather sit and watch the football on TV than date a girl- make what you want of that.

Anway, I guess you might want to know a bit about me now? Well, speaking of dating, I do not date easily, or often. I am the one without a partner, the one who watches the other couples love each other, the one without someone to love. I am not eaily hurt either, my past has hurt me more than anything else could. I am not the best looking person either, spots everywhere. 

I do like some things though, I am not all drab. I like music, heavy metal, rock, that sort of thing. I like dark colours, maroon, black, grey, brown, deep blue and I do (although it is not a dark colour) in fact like silver.

I am going to make this the end of my introduction.


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