The Monster

This is my short story which I had to create for English. Everyone has told me I should post it on a story site as it's 'amazing'. So please comment what you think about it :)


1. The Monster


Looking around my room, the darkness crept in. The only light that shines is the nightlight beside my bed. I was still safely tucked into bed after my mum left me alone in my room so I could get some sleep. My teddy was still wrapped in my arms as I listen to the voices coming from downstairs. The dark has always been my fear, but the fear of the monster taking me away while sleeping was there in the back of my mind before I fell asleep. Most nights as I am trying to fall asleep I hear loud voices downstairs and then the loud screams and yells of my mum. I was always too scared to get out of bed and investigate whether she was okay or not, but I always knew that the monster was down there with her, it was the one who made my mum yell and scream. The mornings after I question the bruising on her arm or the cut on her forehead, she just tells me “It’s okay love, the monster just came to visit me. It’s not going to hurt you, I won’t let it”.

I knew that if I were to ever go down stairs the monster would hurt me. I was grateful that mum was there to protect me whenever the monster came to visit. The nights that the monster visited became more regular. The sounds of my mother and the sounds of the front door slamming started to become noises and visions in my dreams. Nightmares were starting to become regular and waking up to see the night light shining and feeling that I was still tightly tucked into bed with my teddy bear snuggled next to me, made me feel secure.

I felt someone watching me when I woke up one night. Looking around I saw that I was sleeping on the couch, thinking back I remembered falling asleep watching television, Mum must have left me here. I look over at the window to see the curtains were swaying lightly in the cold breeze that was entering the house. The cold wind made me shiver as I walked over and shut the window. Outside the window I saw the monsters silhouette, there watching me in the darkness.

“Mum” I yell

I soon hear her footsteps running down the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” She asks me with panic in her voice

“The monster, the monster’s out there watching at me” I reply. I felt my heart thumping through my chest as I cuddled up to her. I looked back out the window to see the silhouette had disappeared. She places her arm around me and reassured that everything will be okay. Tonight was the first night I saw the monster, its piercing eyes that could look right through you.

“Mummy, why does the monster only come to visit at night?” I ask as we walk into my bedroom

“Well the monster is scared like you”


“Well you know how you’re scared of the dark?”

I nod my head in response

“The monster is afraid of the light. It’s scared that if it shows itself in the day time it’s true identity will show and that it’s afraid if you see him in the light and see what it really looks like you won’t be afraid of him anymore”

I didn’t say a word as thoughts of the monster ran through my head. After mum turned my night light on and tightly tucked me in, my thoughts kept me awake most of the night.

After the night of seeing the monster, I noticed that the screams and cries of my mum had stopped. After mum tucked me into bed and turned my nightlight on the feeling of being scared of the dark was starting to fade. Waking up in the middle of the night and not hearing a noise in the house was reassuring that the monster was no longer visiting. Day after day mums bruising and cuts were healing more and more. She looked so much better and happier too.

“Mum the monster isn’t visiting us anymore” I say one morning

“No it isn’t” she replies simply with a smile

However, curiosity was getting to me, who was the monster? Why has he suddenly stopped visiting us? Will the monster come back?

“Why hasn’t it visited us again?” I ask her

“I think you must have scared it away”


“Yes, the monster knows that you’re getting older and braver now and that you’re becoming less scared of him”

“Do you think the monster will come visit us again?” I questioned before I headed back to my room to get ready for school

“I’m not sure Luke, but don’t you worry, okay? I won’t let the monster hurt you”

I smile at mum before running upstairs.

One night I wake to hear the sounds of my mum again. Worried I clutch my teddy tightly and grew the courage to get out of my warm bed and peer outside my door. I couldn’t see mum so I opened the door wider and tiptoed my way down the hall. I reached the stairs and peering through the railings, I could see mum being confronted by the monster. I did not see the monsters face but it was a tall creature, very big and muscular body, it looked very strong. I didn’t say a word as I crept down the stairs and continued to watch my mum and the monster argue over something. In a split second the monster lashes out at mum, I saw her step back, holding her cheek with one hand. She looks over at me.

 “Luke what are you doing down stairs?” I hear my mum with panic through her voice

I look towards her and the monster turns to look at me

There was something about the monster that triggers a memory in my mind, it looked very familiar. The way his eyes looked in the light made them look different to me, they weren’t piercing through me, they were softer but I could see the anger through them.

“Luke?” The monster says, the voice sounded familiar also but I couldn’t quite picture it

I look up at the monsters face again and realised who the monster really was.


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