Dan and Phil and Abby


1. Phil's POV

I checked my clock. 11:37. I peeked out the door crack and saw it. By it I mean him. Dan Howell. In my living room. Eating my chips. My emotions were mixed. Was I angry? Was I happy? Did I need to hug a lion? I got sad. Very sad. And screamed, "DAN HOWELL WHY ARE YOU IN MY LIVING ROOM EATING MY CHIPS!". He responded, "PHIL WE SHARE THIS HOUSE YOU IDIOT AND THESE ARE MY CHIPS!". "Oh," I said. I quietly went back to my room and watched Netflix. I was embarrassed. VERY embarrassed. I watched My Neighbor Totoro and went to bed. The next morning, Dan's girlfriend, Abby, showed up. Abby was mean to me and always said mean things to me. We were going to the arcade that day. On the way there, Abby kept glaring at me with her evil dark brown eyes. Every now and then, she would mouth insults to me. It got to much. I told her off. She said,"Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me,". And laughed her annoying laugh. I was mad. I had been studying extra hard for school, and I had a dictionary. "Words can never hurt her? Ha!", I said in my head. Slowly and quietly, I pulled it out of my bag. "HOWS THIS FOR WORDS CANT HURT YOU?" I screamed while throwing it at her face. "Phil! Just get out of my car! Just leave! Go back home! Get out and walk back home!" Dan yelled. I sighed as I opened the door. I heard Dan comforting Abby and swearing about me under his breath. I watched Dan pull away. I shuffled back home. I was so mad. I just felt like nothing was right in this world. I purposely missed the turn to the house. I shuffled straight toward my favorite shop. The owner, Cal, saw me sad. He gave me the 'dude what's wrong look' and I explained everything to him. I bought a lion stuffed animal and went to the house. I locked myself in my room, shut all my windows, and hid under the covers. A few hours later there was a knock at my door. "Phil open up! Abby told me what happened!". I can't believe I actually thought that she would tell the truth. She didn't. She said I was insulting her. I was being rude. Dan was very mad. I tried to explain everything, but he only believe Abby. "Well, Abby and I are going to eat.".

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