A virus is spreading, and it is spreading fast. It goes through all and any form of electronics. Tons of the population has already suffered and there is no cure. Who started this virus and who would be behind this all? Will a small group of teenagers be able to save the world? Maybe the universe?


1. Nano

Hi, my name is Nano. Odd name, I am fully aware of that, but my parents were total computer geeks. Now let me tell you where this story starts.

I awoke to an airplane hitting me and getting stuck in my hair. I groaned raising my head to peek up and see if I could tell where it came from without picking up the airplane. I glanced around, not seeing anywhere as to where it came.

I pulled the airplane out of my short white locks and unfolded it. I glared across the room at my friend, Collin.


The note had literally said, "Wake up. -Collin"


WHY did I need to wake up? I decided it would be best to just roll my eyes and see what exactly the teacher was talking about.


"virus, virus, virus, Nano what is the answer to-


"Wait... I'm Nano. I blushed softly and coughed into my hand.


"Um... what did you say sir?"

The teacher rolled his eyes with a annoyed expression and the class went into a fit of giggles. I sighed. I hate school. "Just go back to daydreaming..."


The teacher continued class ignoring me and when school was finally over, I was the first out the door

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