I'm Forever His

Tony was just an ordinary 15 year old girl. That was until 4 mutant turtles save her from the Foot Clan. What will happen now that she lives with them in the sewers and catches the eyes of stubborn Raphael?


1. Meeting the unfriendly Foot Clan

​Tony's POV

I just left my friend's house and walk the streets of New York. I take my usual route. I round the corner of an alleyway and find a four guys searching through a pile of freshly stolen items.

One man, I assume their leader, looks up and smiles, "Well, Well, Well. Look here boys. A little mouse lost it's way." The other three look up and smile. The leader walks closer to me, making me step back. This makes him chuckle, "Is little mouse afraid?"

"No, and don't call me little mouse.", I spit at him and roundhouse him between his legs, making him belly over. I pull my knife out of my boot and hold it against his throat. 

He just smirks, "You're a girl, you won't do anything."

I press the knife closer to his throat, "I dare you to try something." I whisper in his ear. Then all of a sudden, one of the others comes up behind me and pulls me by my hair. I yelp as the leader turns to look at me. I kick him in the face, where I definitely hear his nose break and bleed. He looks over, furious and raises his fist and starts to punch me.

I'm close to blacking out, when I hear someone's voice, "I wouldn't want to do that, if I were you!" The leader smirks and hits me again. Then, four figures come out of the shadows, beating up the guys. 

I yelp when the guy who held me by my hair drops me to the hard cement. I'm definitely going to have bruises in the morning. When the commotion dies down, a figure rushes to me, "M'am, can you hear me?" I hear him faintly ask me and soon everything goes black.

​Raphael's POV

My brothers and I just got done patrolling an hour ago. And jump roof to roof. I stop when I hear a girl yelp. I look over the edge and see the most gorgeous girl, I've seen, but she's being beat up by 4 guys. 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you!", I yell. The guy hits her again and I jump down with Leo, Donnie, and Mikey by my side. I throw the guy off of the girl and beat him up. "Don't ya ever touch her again!", I yell as I throw a few more punches.

Donnie rushes to her, "M'm, can you hear me? ,he asks. She blacks out, even with the bruises that start to darken her beautiful skin, she's still the most gorgeous girl.

"We have to take her back to the layer.", Donnie says and points to all of her wounds. Apparently she fell on glass and now a large piece sticks out of her thigh. Leo nods and I walk over to her and pick her up gently, bridal style. We quickly rush home to help her.

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