Hair Dye // mgc

"Hey. Do you know where I could find the hair dye?" I asked the boy with red hair.

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is." He answered kindly.

- warning -


7. Chapter 7 » sweat and blood



* A month later *

"Hey babe." Michael kissed me passionately on the lips. He walked into my apartment and put the food down. He bought pizza and chips. I ate half of it. I thought I was gonna puke but I didn't.

"Hey." Calum exclaimed walking into the kitchen. Michael and Calum have been staying here which has been weird. "Keep it down next time please." Calum laughed. I haven't seen him truly smile since she died. My best friend. His girlfriend. Luke's sister.

"Cal?" I mumbled. He nodded. I pulled him into the hallway and asked, "Can we go visit her today?" He sighed. "You can. I don't want to be reminded." He walked away and i felt tears stinging my eyes. Ever since Cal and Andrea got together he's just become a boyfriend. Not an overprotective or sad brother.

I walked back over to the boys and couldn't get my mind off her.

Her name was Clarissa. She'd been my best friend since i was 7 years old. We were kinda friends with benefits. She was always there for me. When Ryann bullied me into not eating. But she passed before Luke started up too. When she passed he became more aggressive. More dominant. I remember that day cause I was with her the whole time. She sat there. I didn't understand. Until now. . She was contemplating her death. Before i knew it she was getting back into the car. I was next to her. She sped up a red light came and we flipped. It was a miracle that i survived. I was suppose to die. She was suppose to be here with her brother giggling. She was the definition of gorgeous. And like that.. in the snap of a second.. she was gone.

"Earth to Marie." Cal waved his hand in front of my face. "Yeah." I nodded. "What were you thinking about?" Clearly he knew but wanted me to say. "Her." I giggled. My vision was blurry. It sucked. She was the only reason i wanted to be alive.

I missed her so much. "Im gonna go visit her." I mumbled. Going to my room and getting changed into something less reveling. I went out and grabbed my key. "I'll be back." I mumbled.

I set off to the grave yard. My knee was hurting from the accident. They made me wear a brace, hoping it would make it better. My joints hurt so bad.

I grabbed a cigarette out of the box that was in my hand. I found my blue lighter and lit up the killing part. I started smoking to take away the pain of everything.

I put it out once i reached her grave. "Hey." I mumbled. "Well i don't know if you've seen everything from heaven but, i found a boy. I was in another car accident. & i smoke now." I mumbled. I started picking at the daisy's growing around her grave. I put a handful on her grave. I sat there crying. She was Cal's girl but I also liked her a lot. Why! I thought. I pictured the accident again. She had tears running down her face. She knew that if she did it that she was gonna kill me.

I cried. "I can't believe you did that." I cried. I looked at the stone. 6 months ago i had a best friend. Now im here wishing it was me instead. I was in 2 accidents already. I nearly died in both. I heard someone walking. They stopped in front of me but i couldn't see anything from the tears.

"Hey." A familiar voice whispered. He lifted my chin with his index finger. It wasn't Calum. But Michael. "Whats wrong?" He asked hugging me. "She was my best friend. She tried killing me with her." I mumbled. I broke the hug wiping my tears. I knew she wouldn't want me crying over her but today was just one of those days that i needed to vent.

"You know you can always talk to me." He broke the silence. I lit another cigarette and smoked it. "No." He said taking the killing object from my hand and putting it out. "What the hell." I protested. "Thats not gonna make you feel any better." He sighed getting up. He pulled me up with him.


Later on I sat in my room blasting my music while the boys knocked on my door. "MARIE!" They screamed. I just raised the volume. "Marie! Stop." Cal shouted. He knew what i was doing. Avoiding reality. Living in my own wonderland.

They finally managed to open the door without breaking it and Calum ran over and paused my music. "What was that for!" I yelled. "Stop avoiding reality. Wonderland can't save you right now." He shouted. Fuck. I really pissed him off.

"I'm not doing an-" He cut me off, "As if. You're only doing this because you miss her." He shouted. His voice was as cold as ice. "Fuck you!" I shouted back trying to walk away but he gripped my arm. "What are you doing with your life now?" He asked? im pretty sure that was a rhetorical question. "You have Michael and the family! You have Andrea and Chris!" His voice lowered back down. "They don't understand me like her. Clary made me feel, like i mattered. She knew i wanted to die. She knew every single thing until she killed herself alone with me.

I fell onto the floor crying. Calum came down with me. "Im gonna say what Mali always said to me when i was in a slump. Everything is going to be okay." He sighed. "I never thought you'd be reciting Mali." I giggled.

He got up leaving me there. I finally got up and washed my face. Redoing my makeup. "Shes up!" Cal shouted. They clapped. "You guys are assholes." I giggled and went outside. I was gonna smoke but I knew it wasn't the answer to my problems.

I went back inside and threw them away. "In my wonderland, I don't smoke." I smiled. They clapped. "And you play bass fucking amazing and sing perfectly." Calum pointed out. I sighed covering my face knowing Michael was staring. "You play bass and sing?" He asked and I nodded. "I have a band. If you don't know." I giggled. Chris was the drummer and Luke was the guitarist. While i was the only bass player. "Whats your band called?" He asked curiously. "Rejects." I sighed. "Any gigs?" He asked and i shook my head. "One. And all the clubs we've tried told us that we can't play pop. We are a punk rock band though." I protested. "I can get you a gig." Michael smirked. "For what price?" He smirked. Oh shit. Thats the 'sex is the only payment' smirk.

"My buddy needs some entertainment at his pub." He watched as I held onto his every word. "You just gotta call him." He said handing me an unknown number. "whats his name?" I asked. "Alex..." He smirked. "NO." I knew who he was talking about, "How do you know him?" He shrugged. "Well.." His voice raised. Holy shat. He had a band. "You have a band." I smirked. "Half." He shook his head. "Ashton thats all.." He sighed. "Calum's boss at bass." I felt eyes on me as i went to make pizza rolls. Cal and Michael exchanged shit. I didn't hear them cause i was still jumping with joy from knowing that i could open up for atl!

I called the number out of excitement. "Excuse me?" I asked. "Yes.. may i ask who you are?" Alex answered. "Im Michael Clifford's friend. I have a band and we really wanted to know if you could get us a gig." I came right out.

"Ahh. Yes Michael." He sighed. "How about a record deal?" He asked and i almost did a backflip. "You still there?" He asked and I hummed. "See you in a month?" He set the date and I told him yes.

I hung up and exclaimed, "GUESS WHAT BAND MIGHT BE GETTING A RECORD DEAL!" They watched me dance. "Now." Michael said pinning me to a wall kissing me. "My brother." I mumbled and he pushed us into my room.

"Where were we?" He smirked and kissed my lips softly before kissing my neck softly.

- (A/n : I keep writing really late at night for some reason. But idk how long this chapter will be.)

I sat up and went into the bathroom connected to mine and Andrea's room. She was with her family for the week. It was weird. Nobody was drunk. I laughed getting into the shower. I smelt like sex and sweat. It was a relaxing smell. I got out and got ready. It was only 5pm but i wanted to be clean.

I went out and watched Michael sleep for a minute. He caught me. "What are you staring at beautiful." He sighed. "You sexy." I mumbled and walked out into the kitchen.

I grabbed a beer and chugged it down. "Whoa." Calum looked surprised to see me chugging down my second bottle. I staggered around. I was happy i didn't put on my heels. I ran around like a helpless puppy. "No more." Calum took the fourth bottle out of my hand. Maybe it was the 5. I don't remember chugging more than 2.

I felt blood dripping down my arm. "What did i run into?" I giggled. "The wall." His voice was cold. I giggled and he put me into my room. Michael was out in the living room. I just sat staring at the ceiling until i was sober.

I felt my arm and saw a bruise and dried blood. Fuck. It was still bleeding but not as much as before. "Someones finally sober." He chuckled and i rolled my eyes. Why was i being a bitch?

He came over and lied down next to me. He cuddled up to me and we fell asleep on the uncomfortable floor.

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