Hair Dye // mgc

"Hey. Do you know where I could find the hair dye?" I asked the boy with red hair.

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is." He answered kindly.

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11. Chapter 11 » beaten and bruised


"bye babe." I said kissing his lips. They moved in sync.

"Bye." He mumbled against my lips. Tears were forming in the edge of my eyes. "I'll see you after this stuff." I mumbled hugging him.

"Bye sis." Calum said and I let go of Michael to hug him. "Bye." I cried, into his shoulder. "Hey." He said lifting my chin with his index finger. "It's only 8 weeks a quarter." He mumbled. "We can visit you anytime." With that he kissed my forehead and hugged me once again.

"I love you." I said into his shoulder. "I love you too butthead." He joked and I punched his arm lightly. "Bye." I said going to hug Luke and he laughed. "I don't know about them but I'll be visiting every week." He mumbled into my ear.

I nodded and hugged him tighter. "Bring pizza." I joked and he nodded showing off his smile. I broke the hug and held him at arms length. "Don't get too drunk okay?" He laughed and nodded.

"Bye." I said hugging Ashton. "Be strong okay?" He said to me and I smiled. "You too." I mumbled into his shoulder and he nodded.

"Come on Marie." My mum said pulling me away. I felt tears run down my face but I didn't both to wipe them. I looked back at the boys one last time before boarding the plane to go to Australia.


" you know where room 226 is?" I asked a blue eyed boy. His eyes were darker than Luke's which made my stomach turn at the thought of the boys. "Yeah. Straight ahead, through those doors, to your right." He said and smiled at me. "Thank you." I said letting out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"Aren't you Michael Cliffords girlfriend?" He asked and I nodded. "Why are you in Aussie?" he asked and I shook my head. "Mum told me I had to finish school before I could go back to touring with them." I stated. I gave him a crooked smiled and held out my hand, "I'm Marie, but I like to be called M." I told him. "I'm Ben." He said taking my hand and kissing my knuckles.

"See you at dinner?" He asked and I shook my head walking away.

"Room 222. 223. 224. Here we go." I mumbled to myself. I opened the door to see a girl playing guitar. "Oh hi. Uhm.. I'm Christine." She got all flustered. I giggled. "I'm Marie. Call me M if you'd like." I said bringing my suitcase into the dorm.

"Whats your major?" She asked and I looked at her before setting my suitcase onto the bed. "Music. Mostly instruments and singing." I stated unpacking. "Same." She muttered.

"Wanna go eat dinner?" She asked and I shook my head. Leaving the place.


I walked around and spotted faces I despised. "Oh you're here." Ryann spit. "What are you doing in Australia?" I asked and she laughed. "Music." She snapped.

I turned and laughed. "Don't talk to me like that." She grabbed my wrist and punched me. I stubbled back as she lunged towards me. I brought my arm up and punched her back and pulling her short hair, causing her to fall.

"Don't touch me." I snapped and walked out feeling the blood on my lips.


"Marie are you fucking serious!?" Christine snapped and I sighed as she wiped the blood away. "She punched me and I punched her." She smiled and nodded. "Good."

I was gonna reply but was cut off by my phone buzzing in my pocket.

"Babe!!" Michael exclaimed and I frowned.

"Yeah?" I sighed.

"Whats wrong?" He asked and I walked out debating whether I should tell him.

"Nothing. Whats your news?" I lied and heard a sigh on the other line.

"Marie, we've been dating for years, I know when you're lying." He said and I raked a hand through my curly blue hair.

"Okay. I got into a fight. Happy?" I snapped and started sobbing.

"With who?" He asked and I looked up to see a blurry figure standing in front of me.

"Her." I mumbled as the figure sat down "Whats wrong Marie?" The familiar voice asked and I wiped my tears sniffling.

"Why the hell is she there?!" He was mad and I sighed.

"Don't know but I gotta go so I can eat." I said and we exchanged our goodbyes.

"Why is there a bruise on your cupid wing?" He asked pointing to his.

" reason." I lied and he lifted his eyebrow.

"My ex girlfriend and I got into a fight." I muttered and his eyebrow went down. "Who were you on the phone with?" He asked and I looked into his blue eyes, "Michael."

"Hold on." I said checking my phone.


Marie -' OmG YAS!'

I smiled from ear to ear and looked at Ben who was frowning. "Im not gonna tell you anything fanboy." I joked and he shook his head. "Malum as fuck thou." He stated and I laughed.

"Cashton all the way!" I said fist pumping.

"Lets go eat." I said and he agreed.


"Its no-" I was cut off by someone shouting my name, "Marie!" A familiar voice shouted in anger. Someone lifted me out of my chair and threw me against the wall.

"You worthless piece of shit!" She screamed at me punching me repeatedly.

"You're a piece of fucking trash." She whispered into my ear before letting me go and her squad following.

I slid down the wall crying as people tried to check if I was okay.

"Go away!" I spat. I tasted metal and put my hand up to my lips. "No again." I thought and cried into my knees. "Hey its okay." Ben cooed nothings into my ear.

I stood up wincing and walked away from all the stares.


"Please." I mumbled.

"Hey. You're gonna be alright." Ashton spoke softly.

"No it won't! Hell its been years." I snapped.

"Calm down." Christine butted in.

"Marie, it really will." He said.

We were on skype and he removed his bracelets.

"It has for me." He said and I let out a breath.

"Ashton..." I spoke softly. "I don't need the pity. I just wanted to show you it does get better." I sighed "I'm gonna go for a walk. Tell Michael to give me a call after the show." He nodded as we exchanged our goodbyes.

"I'm gonna go for a walk.." I told my roomie and she smiled.

"I'm gonna come. I've been in here all day practically." She said and I nodded grabbing my red and black flannel and put it over my white tank top.

We walked down the hall and out of the dorm areas until we were walking towards town, "I uhm... I didn't choose to come here." She sighed. "Why?" She giggled. "My boyfriend is in the states traveling on tour while I get an education." I stated. "Who's your boyfriend?" She asked curiously. "You'll see." I smirked and she laughed as we walked into a 7/11.

"Slurpy on me?" I asked and she nodded. We payed and left siping our drinks. "Why did that girl beat you?" She said in a small voice. "I beat her earlier remember." I said and she nodded siping her slurpy.

We walked back in silence.

"Awe fuck." I said and she looked straight to see them coming at us again.

Her last words still playing over and over in my head.

'You're a fucking piece of trash.'

It played over and over in my head. "Don't touch me." I whispered as they stopped in front of us.

"OoooOo. New girlfriend?" She snapped and I laughed. "No. I'm dating someone." I laughed in her face 'accidentally' spilling my drink on her.

"You little piece of shit." One of her members snapped and I laughed. "Bye." I smirked.

A/N :

Okay so if you're ever getting bullied or harassed tell someone because you are worth the freaking world and are beautiful. Don't hold in your feelings because you will explode one day. Anyway if you're ever feeling down you can always comment and ask for my twitter. Please don't hurt yourself. 💘.

Well this chapter sucked.

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