Dreamer Girl

A collection of thoughts.


1. Summer evenings

There's something in the air, a smell or...something. Summer has a distinctive feel, especially in the evenings. I'm not sure what it is, but I always have this feeling of contentment when the air is warm despite the setting of the sun. Perhaps it's just the release of pressure as school and exams draw to a close, or the fact that a sigh always seems more like returning a gift received long ago. There's a distinct sense of freedom, like I could step outside and dance in a dress, singing my heart out without getting a second glance. Of course I won't. But I feel like I could...perhaps.

Are summer nights quieter than winter ones? It seems so. They say you can hear further on a cold night, so I suppose it makes sense. But to me it appears that the whole world is taking a break, just pausing to relax for a few months. And if there is a sound, it's of a thousand sighs like mine - releasing the stresses of life.

Now to my dreams.

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