Random Descriptions

Because why not?


5. Drowning.

Drowning. Thick liquid ran around me as a breath escaped from my lips. The crimson river of blood was rising and it was rising fast. My heart was pounding, the shock beginning to fade as my survival instincts were kicked into action.

How did I get here? How my life fall to this? How do I escape?

There were four walls surrounding me, four concrete walls with no exit.

And the blood kept rising.

Faces of the dead filled my every thought; their eyes filled with betrayal and hurt before falling closed for the last time. So many, too many nameless faces crowded my view as the red poured into the chamber of hell. So many victims, so much pain and loss filled my view as images of the past flashed before me, leaving me breathless and shaking. I couldn’t afford to remember, not now and not ever.

It hurt too much.

Reaching my shoulders, I began to tread water but shooting through my head lay only pain. There was nothing that I could do other than let the current lift me up into the darkness. The ceiling loomed closer and closer leaving me with nowhere left to go, nowhere left to run or hide. As the liquid covered my chin, I tried to call out, I tried to call out to whoever was there to hear me but the words refused to form on my tongue. My fists crashed into the stone walls but to no avail; I was simply drowning in a sea of blood.

I’m going to die here, aren’t I?

Over my mouth. Over my nose. I couldn’t breathe. My mind was screaming, yelling out but yet I couldn’t move. As the black began to take over my vision, I fought it. I had to get out, I had to get away before the liquid ended me.  As it rose over my eyes, I let out a pained cry.

It couldn’t end like this, I wouldn’t let it.

And then it was silent, deathly silent.

‘Is this what dying feels like?’ I wondered, not daring to move.’ The adrenaline was fading and so was I.

I was losing, I was losing the fight and myself to the darkness. Maybe this wasn’t so bad… At least my friend would be safe from me and could live on without me threatening their lives at every turn.


Will they even miss me? Will they even notice that I’m gone? No, probably not.


And then finally, when all hope was lost and I couldn’t hold on any longer, I took a breath and let the blood fill my lungs.







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