The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Bullying

This book teaches all you need to know about bullies and how to handle them. Let's hear it from Pumpkin!


2. Sometimes You Need To Tell Someone

The first story took place when I was in college.  

In those days, the land was ruled by a queen.

I still remember a classmate named Spicy Mead. He was a bully who hated this college.

One day, he had a talk with the queen, saying the college had been consumed by the dark side. Everyone was afraid when the queen made plans to tear it down. Almost everyone had one attender of this college in their family.

I wanted to save the college. Finally, I made an appointment with the queen to tell her everything Spicy Mead was trying to do. The Queen was angry. Spicy Mead got a year and a half of all-day detention, and the college was saved.


You are not a coward if you ask for help. I asked the Queen for help. The minute a bully shows up, tell a parent or teacher. They are in your life to protect you. They can stop the bully before he/she can hurt other children.

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