I am Just a girl


1. I Am Just A Girl

I am just a girl haunted by her past,
No fears I have spoken
no tears I have shed.
But inside I lay dying,
regrets swim in my head
if I could go back I'd change what i did.
How I fought how i lived,
I did nothing wrong though i feel i have
my world has been crumbled.
And my barriers brought down,
all by a boy who meant to do harm
I had buried those memories.
I hadn't wanted them back,
but now they are here
and I cant drown them out.

I am just a girl living in fear,
that one day this man might reappear
the one who has altered my very thoughts.
Changed the way I think and what i do,
If I could back I like to think I would change it
That I would push him away.
call him out on his games,
he had no right to do as he did
to push to force to tilt me over the edge.
Back then I had no power,
I was weak against the strong and
Now I would be the strong against the strong.
If I were to go back now,
I would
erase the memories and make him go.}

He has long gone,
but the scars remain
despite their  lack of physicality.
They somehow feel the same,
If I could go back I wouldn't change what he did,
I am too scared
where would I be if these events hadn't occurred?
I love myself and,
I love who I am
the memory will haunt me for years to come.
But I will grow stronger in everything I am,
I will be brave and I shall be strong
If he returns he will know he was wrong.
I will fight against him,
pull him up on his lies
and release the anger I've been holding inside.

I am just a girl riddled with pain,
I know its hard to understand
its harder to explain.
I do not expect you to understand me,
nor understand where I am coming from
I try to live in the moment.
And forget what has been done,
but this boy was not kind and he knew he was in the wrong
forged his cruel words inside my head.
And made me fake a smile,
whenever his name was said.
I am just a girl.
I am just a girl.

I am just a girl.


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