Angels and Freaks

The year is 1803 and the British empire needs informations about a smuggler and pirate, but he's dangerous and only one can get the information.
Coraline. A whore with a special talent.


1. Chapter 1

The year is 1805

This evenings gentleman was young, beginning of his twenties max. Tall, muscular with grey eyes and blonde hair. He looked good, so tonight wouldn’t be completely terrible. A momma’s boy that was hired by his all too wealthy father in some high standing job. I wondered what he wanted tonight.

He was brought over to a little nook and placed on the velvet sofa. He sunk into the plush cushions, a puff of dust rising around him. He tried desperately to brush it off his fine suit, but in vain. He seemed misplaced, and like he knew it. I had to fight to hold back my grin.

So young and insecure. What a darling.

I leaned in over him, making sure he had a plentiful view of my assets. His eyes were plastered to them, blushing in the meantime. So, so young.
My smile grew bigger, and not because I ordered it to. I batted my lashes, and he blushed even more. I slipped onto his lap, my fingers playing with the hair strands above his ear.

“What would it be tonight, sir” I sighed huskily in his ear, making his breathing harder. He cleared his throat, trying to mask the ever-growing panic within. He didn’t know what to do with himself.
These English gentlemen were so susceptible to my tricks, and I had a role to play. I had to, otherwise this gentleman would run, and I wouldn’t get paid. And I needed to get paid.
My task was simple right now, I needed to make it look like I was seducing him.

Always a lady of the evening

“I’m looking for a gentleman who goes by the name of Coraline” he did, did he? His accent was heavy, and posh like the fine folk from London. I met his eyes with a pair of big, blue innocent eyes, and smiled a sugary smile.

“I know just the person you need” another seductive smile perched on my full lips, and I slipped quickly slipped away from his lap. His arms flailing, grabbing the air desperate to get my back in them. I grabbed his hand, throwing a wink over my shoulder at Mr. James, who returned it with a satisfied smile and a sip of his drink, as I dragged along the wealthy English gentleman.

The more money the better.

Always the money.

His naughty thoughts pressed on my mental barriers, but I held the walls up, only pulling him along faster into one of the rooms in the back. They were equipped with a kerosene lamp, that lit up the room just enough, so you could barely make out the bed in the middle of the small room. It was luxurious, but it wasn’t luxury that the men came, or women for that matter, came here for.

They came here to find happiness between a beautiful woman’s legs. Or if they didn’t have the money for it, then just a woman’s legs.

I nudged him, and he fell backwards onto the bed, surprise in his eyes. I placed myself onto of him quickly, ignoring how my corset pressed into my ribs, making it harder to breathe. However, it was a part of the job and the horrible etiquette for women. He looked to be rather out of breath as well, but I guess it wasn’t because of his corset.

His hands found his way onto my full hips, up to my small waist and to my full breasts. His eyes turning hazy with lust.

He attacked.

I was prepared for it. This wasn’t my first time around the harbor. His lips were on my breasts, my neck, my face. His hands were clawing at my dress, trying to get it off me, or under it.

A moan left my lips, my head tilting back as his hand ended up between my legs. That’s the danger of not wearing unmentionables, it was dangerously bare down there.
I placed both hands on his wide shoulders, pushing him away from my warmth.

“Sir, you said that you wanted a gentleman by the name of Coraline” I gently reminded him, as my hands tangled into hair, pulling backwards trying to get his attention. Which meant he had to look me in the eyes, and not my breasts. He moaned, and reluctantly removed his lips from my collarbone. His lust filled eyes met mine.
Then there was the annoyance from being stopped. It was clear that if it was up to him we forgot all about Coraline and got down to business.

He remembered something, and his mind changed. He cleared his throat and tried to control his body, and most of all the tone of voice as he tried to speak without sounding as turned on as his was.

“yes, you said you knew where one could find him? Tell me” he ordered, my reply was a traitorously sweet smile and a few bats of my long, black lashes. It wasn’t uncommon for a man of his stature to be so informal with someone like me. No reason to be formal with a simple lady of the night. If only he knew.

“My name is Coraline, and I am the gentleman you seek” I whispered it in his ear, placing a nib on his earlobe. He moaned, and I felt his other reactions. I had him right where I wanted him.

“But you are a whore” he laughed and shook his head in denial. I sighed and smile pitifully at him as I let the wall come down. All the thoughts, all the information flooded my mind.

A gasp left my parted lips, and my eyes went wide as it all flashed before my eyes.

“Your name is Charles Holloway, the first son of William and Kathrine Holloway. The maid is warming your fathers bed, but you already knew that. The first girl you got in trouble was when you were sixteen, men your father got rid of her. You are still just as in love with her as you were the first time you met her. And most importantly you need me to find a gentleman by the name of Azrael”

The more he realized I really was who I said I was, the stiffer he got. Until he had turned pale and his eyes looked as though they were about to pop out of his head.

What a shame.

“Don’t be afraid, darling. I am after all just a whore” I couldn’t stop the last words from sounding bitter, even as I pulled him closer and tightened my grip around him with my thighs.
It wasn’t everyday a young, handsome gentleman entered this business. I had to take advantage of that. He wasn’t going anywhere.

I placed featherlight kisses from his ear and all the way down his chest, as I unbuttoned his shirt.
His body reacted willingly and fiercely under my touch. All the tension from before evaporating.

“There we go” I said huskily, and looked at him. Both hands were buried in the blanket covering the bed, head rolled back with his eyes closed.
I smiled a small smile.

What a darling.

I fixed my skirts, making them look presentable again. The deeps reds stood out against the white underskirt. While doing it, my eyes locked with Grace, another mixed one like me. I nodded her over to me, and gestured for her to help me lace up the dark brown leather corset, it had loosened itself during my little escapade with the young gentleman. The gentleman that still laid on the other side of the curtain, exhausted and deeply satisfied.

When Grace was done, I thanked her and started fixing my top. The white loose fitted blouse, that hung off my shoulders and had several centimeters of lace up in the front. It displayed my best assets, and well… it pulled in the customers.

A girls gotta earn her living.

Grace was wearing something similar to me, it was standard attire here, even a tad more conservative than what some of the other girls were wearing. Grace’s attire were in more muted than mine, the white of her blouse more greyish than white. It didn’t take away from her beauty.

Her dark skin, large, curly black hair and her golden-brown eyes made her unbearably beautiful. Just not in the eyes of most of the noblemen, or the high standing men that came in here and paid the good money. But the sailors loved her.

A nice nigger girl, as they called her. Vile words. It made me nauseous every time I heard it. I couldn’t protect her from it, not like I wanted to.
She was a slave girl, a half blood. A mixed one like me. I smiled at her, another thanks, but more of an invitation to talk. I felt like I needed to talk about something normal, but Grace wasn’t one to talk. She didn’t speak my languages, or she could, but she chose not to. She was a quiet girl. Which I normally liked about her, except for moments like these.

The only moment she really screamed was when the men paid her to.

“Coraline, did you handle business?” Mr. James’ deep voice sounded behind me. Grace’s eyes widened, and she scuttled off like a mouse who just saw the cat. Mr. James was mixed too, son of a Spaniard, and one of the few where the man who fathered them actually cared for them. He took after his father with his handsome looks, lighter than normal mixed children’s skin, but the dark curly hair and dark eyes was from his slave mother. Most loose women fell for that exterior, but not the smart ones.
The glint in those dark eyes promised nothing good. He was the manager here, the one who made money of selling our services. He made sure we were smiling, seductive and pleased the men.

I wanted to run away like Grace had. I wouldn’t see her until the morning.

I looked up at him through my lashes, with a lazy smile on my lips. Slowly tracing my hand over his chest, as I walked away from him. My hips swaying the seductive way I had been taught.

“Of course, I did, master” I replied as I walked away. I heard his deep exhale, and chuckled. He was just like the rest of them; a man through and through. I loved teasing him. Loved trying to prove my power over him, and all the other men that thought they had everything. Loved to see how much I could get away with without being reprimanded. My behavior had proven dangerous from time to time, depended on what mood the men where in. What mood Mr. James was in. My behavior had collected me a beating or two, marking my golden skin with black and blue marks. However, the most time they just took my pay because it was my body they needed. An unruined, unmarked body.
You couldn’t sell damaged goods.

Who wanted a punished woman? Through the years I had learned just how far I could push it with the different kind of powerful men that entered these doors.

I swung my dark golden hair over my shoulder as I passed through the doors leading into the entertainment room. The other girls where working, either in the corners with the men that preferred it more privately. The room was dark, except for the expert lighting so that one could only see what was important. Moans and other pleasure sounds sounded from the corners. A total of ten girls were working, another three working the floor and the bar waiting to be picked. Mr. James stood behind the bar, trying to sell drinks. Drinks that contained substances that enhanced the gentlemen’s lust and lowered his inhibitions. It made more money that way.

I passed through the room with swaying hips and a crooked smile. I loved the way they looked at me, loved the way I took the men’s attention away from the other girls.
As soon as I passed through the front door, out into the humid air where the familiar evening breeze swept over me. I fluffed up my hair, scrunching it up to make it behave in the humid air. I made a satisfied noise and carried on towards my target with my head lowered.

“Coraline. Where are you going?” Mr. James’ angry voice rang out behind me. Always so worried about business, was he. I huffed, but I replied as I kept walking.
“I have been summoned”
He didn’t question me more. You see he wasn’t stupid, and he knew those words all too well.

Here on the open streets, it was time to be humble. Time to not attract too much attention. An arrogant whore, who acted like the fine folk that actually mattered. A whore that wasn’t any better than the people in the plantations. Not even better than the dirt beneath their shoes. Act like one of them and you’d be killed. I needed to act like I knew I wasn’t better than what they thought.

We weren’t better than them, the whites. God forbid that we got the mad thought that we actually were. I couldn’t suppress the eye roll and groan.
I moved in the shadows of the gas lamps that lit up the streets. You could hear the city’s life from the various pubs, and the various pleasure houses.
I moved between the large square houses with a certain sneakiness. The stones felt cool, and nice against my bare feet.

The salty sea air embraced me, and I breathed in deeply. I loved nothing more than the sea. It carried promises of freedom. For someone like me that was all I wanted.
I let my arms fall to my sides, handing limply. The air took a hold of my hair, making it billow in the wind.
I looked up at the stars, so bright and bold on the dark night sky. The light from the street lamps didn’t reach out here on the harbor. They hadn’t gotten around to putting up the light all the way out here, where all the work happened as soon as the sun rose.
Even the ships that docked in the dark of the night, didn’t unpack all the goods until sunrise. It was simply the way of this town. The men went off the ships though, and they docked their behind in the brothels and the taverns. The ravenous sailors and alike plundering through the city making it theirs for the night.

It was a night like that this night. A night of pleasure, but they were not on the streets, and so I was all alone.

I let my head fall back, and my arms spread out. Breathing in deeply, relishing the feeling of being alone, and the salty air filling my lungs with the renewing air. I prayed that it would carry me away. Sadly, it only took a hold of my skirts and hair, making both billow around me.

How I loved the harsh nature of the ocean and every threat it carried. I took it all in, letting it flow through me as I just enjoyed every bit of it. The sound of the roaring ocean took over me, even as I felt the wind becoming harder. I couldn’t help but laugh as a wave washed over the harbor, spraying seafoam in my face.

“Coraline” a deep voice, almost drowned by the roaring of the ocean, said behind me.

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