101 Poems For The Heart

A simple book filled with poetry meant to touch deep within those hidden feelings. Poems of pain, love, tragedy, betrayal and some of hope, happiness, faith and joy. Read if you wish, read on the poems meant to touch the soul and open the mind, to teach and be taught. 101 poems for the heart to enjoy, to take in. Enjoy yourself and happy readings.


1. Romeo and Juliet

A love like Romeo and Juliet,


Causing two lovers to be apart.


Why must the universe be so cruel?


But alas they just fuel the passion,


They fuel the fire that burns within the hearts of our two star-crossed lovers.


Two whom were never to meet.


Two whom were never to speak.


Who must never feel any love,


Any connection,


Any passion whatsoever!


... And yet.


And yet.


They met.


They spoke to each other,


Stared into each others eyes.


And fell helplessly in love with one another.


Romeo and Juliet.


Forbidden love between the two,


Who refuse to leave each others side.


And yet.


Death came knocking.


Were the Gods so enraged by the two,


That they deliberately sent the God of death,


To rid of them forever?


But alas!


Death has failed! For not even in death,


Have the two lost their love!


In death they both loved.


In death they both became one.


In death, they held strongly onto their passion,


And forever will stay by each others side.


In death, Romeo and Juliet have been blessed,


To finally be together in paradise!


Leaving their bodies behind.


Their souls entwined,


Soul together now as one.


Romeo and Juliet.


A love that even in death became one.


Romeo and Juliet, 


A love that is envied only by those,


Who can see the passion,


The strength and the power,


In their love.


Oh how envied,


Oh how truly envied they are.


Romeo! Give strength to the man,


Who wishes to be with his beloved.


Juliet! Give faith to the woman,


Who wishes to be with her beloved.


A love like Romeo and Juliet.


A love I wish I truly had...


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