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1. The big adventure that started it all

"Wooooh!" Jetts friend Buckley wailed as he stood up in the bed of the pickup truck as they drove 90mph through a dirt road that would take them to the party being held at one of the rich girls parents house. . His unbuttoned flannel shirt whipped in the wind, his arms stretched out wide, and a big grin on his face. 

Jett put on a devious grin, he saw a sign that said 'Speed limit 20' and the house were the party was being held. Just a couple of seconds before he reached the house. he slammed on the brakes, sending poor Buckley up and over the roof of the car, and rolling down the hood of the car. 

"What the hell?" Buckley yelled getting up off of the ground, wincing, cracking his back and punching Jett in the arm

"We're here." Jett smiled deviously

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