Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


3. Classic Old School

I woke up and it was Monday. Which means school. I took a shower and headed downstairs.

The butler was making pancakes and the maid was cleaning the living room.

"Good morning everyone." I said politely." Good morning Ms.Grace." The butler said with an Italian accent. I sat down and he put the pancakes in front of me." Mmmm... Blue berry! My favorite!" I said. He giggled. I ate and grandpa came downstairs." Hello Grace. Did you sleep well?" He asked me." Yes." I said while smiling." Well hurry up so I can drop you off at school." Grandpa said. Suddenly, my face dropped." What's wrong?" He asked."I'm fine. I just thought of something." I said.

I picked up my backpack and headed to grandpa's car.

"Your grandmother and I have been thinking of going to Disney with you cousin that's going to be visiting. So what do you think about that?" Grandpa asked." Yeah! I'm so excited!" I said smiling." Good! We're going this weekend." He said." I love Disney! I can't wait to go back on Test Track!" I said. Grandpa laughed.

"So who's the cousin that's coming?" I asked." Oh she's Veronica. She's about your age and can't wait to meet you." He said." Oh."

I didn't want to meet Veronica. I lack social skills a lot. What makes you think I'm going to meet her. I just want to go to Disney. I don't want to meet a new person.

We stopped at the school and we said bye to each other." Hey look it's the loner girl." Some kid shouted.

I walked into the school and went to my locker. Soon Rachel Coger came around the corner." Oh look who it is. It's little Grace. She said pushing me." Where were you last week?" She teased." Huh?" Rachel said pushing me into the locker. I started to cry." Oh is the little baby crying?" She said laughing." She probably needs her pacifier!" She said. Then the bell rang.

Everyone left for class except this one boy." Are you okay?" He asked me." Yeah I'm fine." I said wiping my tears. He helped me up and said," My name is Bryan." " I'm Grace. Thanks for helping me. But I have to go." I said softly." "Ok see you around." He said. And then I left for class.

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