Hung Up


1. Hung Up

Today I'm hung up


I'm hung up 

On the chances

I'm hung up

On the changes.

I'm hung up,

On all the times I've tried to make

Myself look better

Than I actually am.


I'm hung up

On your eyes.

They're too bright,

Too otherworldly,

For someone so mortal,

Like me.


I'm hung up

On our silences,

That seem to grow,

For those silences, you have your own reasons

And I have mine.

But I look at you


And think,

Maybe we should kiss.

Despite how stupid and crazy that is.

It's pansy bullshit.


I'm hung up

On the way

My eyes perceive you

As a god.

And yet I perceive myself

As this slime-rat, a rat of the sewers of the deep.

Pathetic and weak

In your presence.

The eyes of my mind

Have tipped the scales.


I'm hung up

Trying to be

Clever and smart and witty and funny all the time.

Today, I'm just being me.


And the times 

When you close off.

You make me

Roll my eyes,

Grit my teeth,

And it's impossible to measure

How furious I am with you.









You're the bright eyes in the dead of night,

Your grin is enough

To make me smile.

And make me feel okay.

You're the grinning sensation I feel from the inside,

Burning up and out of me.

You're the high.

Sentences: their completion.

Formality: its deletion.

Cynicism- your trend.


You're always the beginning,

You're always the end.

You've always known how I felt,

And that's never going to change.

Even when it does.






So I'm hanging up

All possible weaponry- sarcasm, insult, wit.

Because if I'm hurt, I want to feel most legitimately.

And dropping down my soul,

In the hope 

That you catch it.


See you tomorrow,

See you today.


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