best friends forever......right?

this book is about a girl named kat and her first day of highschool as a freshman but what happens when she meets a boy named harry will they become friends or become enimies


1. first day

Today is the day where I will star my first day of high school......


I woke up to my first day of high school, WAKE UP KAT!!!!!!!! ,IM UP. I screamed back to my idiot brother. well get dressed today is the first day of school. tell me something I don't know I said back. once I finished getting dressed I brushed my teeth,brushed my hair I decided to wear it straight today. they I walked down the stairs and got an apple. I sweetie said mom. hi mom. have fun at school. oh trust me I wont I said under my breath and walked out the door to my new highschool. once I arrived I got my schedule and went to my first class..........English language arts. I walked into the class, ummm kat Santiago, said the teacher. yes I replied, your late. oh sorry I was having trouble at home..... whatever he said. I took a seat all the way in the back. next to a boy who have curly hair, green sparkly eyes, and deep dimples. as the teacher was teaching I was not paying attention and was on my phone. kat said the teacher. yes. can you tell me about the plot diagram??? ummm it helps us with reading, I repied.  then the boy sitting next to me started laughing. i gave him a glare. kat see me after class and give me your phone replied the teacher. ok i said aas i walked up to his desk and placed my phone on there. you get it back at the end of class.

                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~skip rest of class~~~~~~~~~~~~~


so when lunchtime came i just got a soda and sat alone, until the same boy that i saw in English class sat down next to me. what do you want i said. well i was wondering can i get your phne number he asked.??? why i said. beause i think your kinda cute and funny. so i gave him my phone number. text me. maybe i will maybe i wont i said.


                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip rest of school day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

once i got home i ate dinner and went straight to be but then  i got a text




                             hazza~~~~~cant wait to see you tomroww😉😉














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