Cap'n, Land Ho!

This is one of my favorite poems I've written. Hope you like it too.


1. Cap'n, Land Ho!

Every time I shake

a new freckle grows

My hair is like

Pinocchio's nose

and it's long.

My nose nose is irrelevant

My mouth is a mystery


Let's travel down the trachea

Explore my lungs and veins

Take a turn to the heart

Cap'n, Land Ho!


It smells like smashed china

and breathes like mountain air

I can remember the taste

crayons without names and sand


My feet kiss the icy concrete

I'm stupid not to wear shoes

But I don't care

Fusion, as I am tropical and it is arctic


In my brain

there are no neurons

are no lobes

only thoughts

that clutter like a growing cobweb


The lunch lady serves me


My face is just a facade

on the inside

I'm really screaming

at the ceiling fan.

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