Sorry for my poor english.
I actually don't know what to say about it. xD


1. Exposed

As I stand I can no longer distinguish between the hot water flowing over my face, or the salty tears that falls down the corner of my eye.
I stand there with my vulnerabilities naked to the eye, for everyone to see.
My left side begins to hurt with pain I can't let go of.
The pain pulses through my entire being, consuming my thoughts.
It aches as it makes it's way through again and again.
I can only stand helpless and try to breath.
Every intake of air makes my lungs feel numb.
Every breath out gets my lungs to crumble.
If only my tears would be enough to drown them.
But you can't see them. You can't touch them.
Reality comes knocking. I can't hide.
The closet is filled with skeletons.
My loft is occupied by rats.
The towel is out to dry with yesterdays misunderstandings and lies.
My ears hears the buzzing of something far away.
Something I once knew what was.
My body is shaking, not knowing what to do.
It just stands and lets out the tears that will never set salty lines down the cheeks.
Washing away with the flow of the water, like washing away the dirt on the road with rain.
The cars will still make new muddy paths through the raindrops as it continues to come down.
I want to run. I want to hide. The door should stay closed.
But I can't. No matter what I do my entire body will be woken back to hell.
Just like that the water turns cold.
Reality knocks harder and wakes me up.
My body is crumbling under the drops of water that are now reminding me, through the cold.
Reminding me that I can't stay here.
My body begins to freeze.
As it begins to numb from the top of my head, to the tip of my toe I stand guarded.
Shutting down every emotion within me.
Every feeling. Every pain and sorrow.
I walk, tumbling, through the bathing curtain to open the door.
I'm completely and utterly exposed to reality.

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