Little White Dress || C.H💋

What is it like to die? What do you think would happen next?

Would you agree in an arranged marriage with someone you barely know just so you can experience the things you can't experience soon?

Love him or hate him?

He doesn't even love you. And you don't even love him. But who knows soon?

Could you treasure all those memories with a dying person forever?


5. Chapter 5: Morning Mayhem

Chapter 5: Morning Mayhem 🌄👊💢😱


Calum's POV😎

Last night was pretty weird. She was sweating and crying. She doesn't want to tell me what her dream was about.

It's 7am in the morning. I couldn't sleep again after that. I just talked to Luke, he says that he and the guys are also here in Paris. It's a bit sad they're hanging out here without me but it's okay. They know what my situation is and were gonna see eachother later. I decided to buy breakfast outside. I don't know but, I feel like it. I know I was being too mean to her but I can't help it.

Sophy's POV💋

I woke up around 7:45 in the morning. I smell the pleasant aroma of coffee and pancakes. I sit up and see a topless Calum putting pancakes on plates. He really has a nice body. Sh.t! What are you thinking Sophy?!! Erase erase!!

"Oh, good morning!" Calum glanced at me and smiled.

"Morning." I greeted back. I arranged my hair and walked to him. He seems to be in a really good mood. I hope this wouldn't change later on.

"I bought some pancakes and coffee. Here, eat up" he said and I took my plate and sat down the table. After I finished eating, I took a bath.

*Knock knock knock*

"Hey! Would you hurry up?! I'm losing my cool here!" Calum banged the door. Ugh, disturbing me while I'm taking a bath is so uncool!

"Shut up! I'm almost done!" I yelled.

A few moments of silence, I was about to wrap myself with a towel when Calum barged in.

"I told you to hurry up didn't---whoah!" He yelled.

"Kyaaaaaa! GET OUT!!" I threw all the stuff I grasped at him while my other hand is holding the towel covering the front of me (not wrapped around me)

-after that mayhem-

Calum finished showering and I was styling my hair. Mine and Cal's eyes couldn't meet eachother because we were too shy and awkward.

"So uh, let's go??" He asked. I just nodded.

Were going sight seeing today. So were probably gonna go around different places here in Paris. Soo okay. Hope it goes out well *crossed fingers*

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