Life as a College Kid

My experiences.


1. Entry 1

I've lived in this house for a little under two years. We are just about to move into another apartment, considering that's all my family can afford right now. I hate seeing them live like this. I mean, moving from place to place and unable to stay in one spot? I've moved too much in my life and I want it to stop. First it's an apartment, then a house, then another apartment in a different state, then another house for three years, then another apartment, then another apartment in the same development, then a house and now another apartment? I wish my parents could just stay in one spot. They're so worried about how expensive everything is. Well, when I become the singer I want to be, they will not have to worry about moving. I'll get a house for my parents with a little apartment for my grandparents. I will live with my future boyfriend -- hopefully -- and I will not have to wonder about where my parents are going to live in the next ten years.

I won't lie, I like the house I live in. There's a lot of space and I can easily escape to my room to write or catch up on my favorite television show. In an apartment, there's not that much space and I can't easily escape my family when someone doesn't want to unload the dishwasher. I hate apartments and I don't want to live in another one unless it's on campus at the current college I'm attending. The apartments on campus are really nice and I have a room to myself unlike all the other dorms. Yes, there are three other people living with you, but -- if you're lucky -- you don't have to share a bathroom with every single person. I can't wait until that year.


I will admit, I'm a dreamer. Always have been and always will be. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. My mother asked me if I wanted to take care of sick children, which made me change my mind. It's not that I don't like kids; I don't like the ones that their parents didn't do a good job at parenting. They take their kids to the store and expect them to be quiet and calm when all they do is kick and scream when they see something they want and their parents don't get it for them. I also don't like it when children are on a campus with teenagers or adults and they're playing as if it were a playground. Some parents raised their kids right and I appreciate those parents. The ones who don't will end up with a snobby, bratty, stuck-up teenager who thinks they can do whatever they want because their parents spoiled them. I will only spoil my kids when it's their birthday or Christmas. All the other days of the year will be for achievements in school or taking the next step in life.

I didn't start dreaming of becoming a singer until I was sixteen. I actually wanted to dance first, but I wasn't so sure of it. Now, I want to do bother. I want to make music in the studio, go on tour and create my own dances for the shows without having to hire someone. I believe I will make it, but some of my peers don't believe in me. I chose musical theater as my major in college. My family members want me to change it, but it's my dream. I understand that you want me to have a job in case I don't make it, but I will. I'm growing vocally and soon enough, I'll be able to belt all songs by mezzo sopranos and contraltos. I'm getting there and it takes time. They just can't see it yet.

I want to be a singer so I can inspire people and let others know it's okay to be different. I want to write and create music that tells a story about the hard times and how I got through them. In my opinion, if an artist isn't inspiring people, then why are they famous? Why are the celebrities who sing or rap about drugs and sex still in the game? Is it because they have the "talent" or is it because they look good on camera? There are more talented people out there who want to become a star, but they're not attractive enough to do it or they've tried and not even auto-tune can fix their voice.


I don't really write about my life or about my day because it always ends up short and makes me think, "Why on earth did I write this?" It never helped with my struggles, but writing fanfiction has. I mostly write a story based on my favorite celebrity and a girl with my personality falling in love in many different ways. Some are fate while others started off with friendships. Some are Cinderella-type stories while others are love-at-first-sight types. No matter what the situation is, I always write about myself, just with a different name or something added to my persona. It calms me down and helps me realize I'm not that person and that person is just a figure of my imagination. I'm not who the doctor diagnosed me to be or what my mother claims I am. I may be different, but I'm me and that's all that matters.

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