In The Distance

A town that never lets the people escape. No one knows if the people who do try to escape make it or die.


5. Chapter 4

      The guys were still talking about us, or so we thought. The one guy just looked desperate please his boss, witch I couldn't blame him for cause the guy didn't look to nice. "What are they talking about?" Josh whispered. "I cant quite make out what they're saying." I whispered back. "It said they were here." The guys looked scared. "You worthless piece of garbage!" Said the boss. "What are you ever any good for!?" "S-Sorry." The guy looked squeamish. Man, what the heck were they talking about? Who would be tracking us down? The guys finally left. ''Ok guys lets get moving." My mom said pushing us forward. "M-Mom why would they be tracking us down? We don't even know them right?" Josh said. I felt bad for him this whole trip he just seemed,off, I guess. He just looked terrified all the time. Well, who could blame him, at his age I would have felt the same way. "No I don't think so." Mom said back after a while. After about 2-3 hours of walking we took a break. Mom and Josh both look exhausted. "Hey guys I'm gonna go look around see if there anyone looking for us." I said. "Honey I don't think that's very safe." "Mom, I'm fine." ''Ok just don't stay out to long and watch out. Just please be safe." Said my mom " Don't worry I will be." I started my journey and saw some animals. Then I heard something in the distance, the rather near distance. "I think we've really got her now boss." Crap. Wherever I was I needed to get out, now. The voices became clearer and clearer, finally, I hid.  They were really close now. "Oh." said the guy pushing past the bush I hid in "there you are." His smile made me sick. "BOSS! I've got her." The guy through some bomb thing right in my face. Last thing I saw was his smiling face.

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