She can't love

a girl who had dedicated her life as a chola in the real world, gangster world, and the vampire world. She lost her love a long time ago after she sacrificed herself to Death himself, to spare her lover and his family's life.


1. The party

Hola, I'm Veronica Bucio, I'm 17 years-old, my parents were killed by los gringos, it's just me, my brothers, sisters, and the Mexican mob. Today, we are going to a party for the Mexican, blacks, Japanese, and Chinese mobs, the ghetto weren't invited cause they really don't belong where the Mexicans are at. Then the one by one, the ghetto started to show up, my brother went up to them, and said "Look everyone, los gringos are here to una pelea con nosotros," I said "Hermano, come on let's go before la policia comes," one of the ghetto took a look at me then my brother said "Hey por que you're looking at her?" I said "Bro, back the fuck off!" Then their leader came and said "Cuz she is so sexy, hey baby how about you hanging out with me instead?" I looked at him coldly and said "In your dreams, carbon!" Everyone started to laugh except for the ghetto, then he punched me in the face, my brother said "What the fuck is wrong contigo?!" I got up then kicked him in his balls.

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