Change Me

"I was given a task to change you, I was given a task to break your heart. But meeting you again was as finest as it will ever be. And now, I'll give you the pleasure to change me instead."

||cover made by LadyTatetot||


1. Prologue

Him; I wanted him.
I knew I was dazed.

He was the only I have ever wanted, but why the hell was I too scared to admit it?

I loved him, and the worst part? He doesn't know about it.

Let me give you one advice;
When you love someone, tell them.
Don't make the same mistake I did; avoiding the truth.
Don't make the chance of being let down the excuse of being totally void.

I wish I knew that.
I wish I hadn't let go of him.
I wish I had bear the second chance of telling him.

I loved him.
And I wish he knew.

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