She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


21. 20.

Chapter 20...


Luke came into my bunk right after Ashton left. I have a feeling Ashton said something to him.

He jumps into my bunk and sits opposite to me.

"Hey...." He trails off. I see his eyes wander to my wrist.

Probably what Ashton was worried about.

"You okay?" He asks.

"No, not really. But you wouldn't understand." I say as look at my fingers.

"Try me." He says.

"I can't." I mumble.

"Why not?"

"You'll think I'm crazy." I whisper.

I like Luke. If I tell him about my depression and well really about everything he'll think I need to go to like an asylum... If those still existed.

"Then let me try to figure it out." He whispers, looking deep into my eyes.

I see him glance at my wrist again, self-consciously causing me to as well.

The bandage is stained red and looks wet.

I mentally curse myself for not covering it before Ashton came in so that neither of them saw and asked questions.

He began to reach for my wrist. He pushed up my sweater to my elbow to expose the full bandage, as my sweater sleeve had fallen.

He took off the clip holding the gauze together. He carefully unraveled the bandage but I stop him before he sees it knowing how gruesome they look.

"Stop. You're not going to want to do that." I say with sad pleading eyes.

He nods but shuffles to the edge of the bunk, hopping down.

He grabs my hands and pulls me to the edge.

He places his hands on my hips gently and lifts me down. He grabs my hand and leads me to the bathroom. He shuts the door behind us. He walks in front of me and puts all the lids on the toilet down so I can sit there. I sit and he reaches under the sink and grabs a first aid kit. Not mine, this one is bigger.

He kneels in front of me and takes my wrist again. He unravels the rest of the bandage and turns my wrist over to expose everything I've kept a secret.

He gasps. He looks up at me and wipes a tear away with his thumb, that I didn't know was there.

I look down at my wrist and see how bad it really is. The ones that are just starting to heal still look horrible. They make me want to vomit, and they're on me.

He kisses my hand. He reaches over to the towels and grabs a ratty brown facecloth he reaches up and turns on the sink, wetting the cloth. He comes back to my wrist and very carefully wipes away the excess blood that coats my arm. He puts a solution on my arm the hurts like a bitch which triggers me to cry again, but I keep it as quiet as I can.

He looks at me as if I was going to break into a million pieces. Honestly, I already have.

He puts a bandaid over each wound and then wraps my arm in new gauze.

"You're pretty good at that." I whisper shakily.

"It's not my first time." He whispers. He pulls me to stand up with him and I do.

He pulls me into a hug but he doesn't squeeze me thankfully.

I cry into his shoulder and he doesn't mind. He stands there and let's me. He rubs my back and plays with my hair.

"Come on, lets go to where the boys are. I wont tell them if you don't want me to. But I think you should tell them so we can all try to help okay? No one is going to judge you, I promise you that on my mothers grave." He says into my shoulder.

"I want you to tell them because I won't be able to say it." I whisper. "But I'll tell them my story."

"Okay come one." He says.

He keeps an arm around me and we walk into the room with the guys.

The movie is still playing and I'm glad. Luke and I sit on the floor and I sit close to him. He gives me a funny look and puts his arm around me to bring me closer.

I rest my head on his chest and cuddle into his side.

"Thank you." I whisper.

He grabs my hand and laces our fingers together.

I think about everything as I wait for the movie to finish.




The movie is playing through the credits, so I use the remote to mute the tv, I look over to Luke and nod at him. I decided to tell them myself.

"So.... Luke learned something about me today and he told me that I should tell you guys. So I'm going to start from the beginning... And tell you the whole story." I begin.



been bad sorry guys.


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