Nicole got pregnant by Luke Hemmings baby Luke was never around when Nicole was pregnant an by Nicole due date she gave birth to a baby but sadly gave it up and now Maddie the baby they gave up overhears a conversation when her adoptive mom say they she was adopted what happens when she wants to find mom and dad if she does will it change the sweet little girl


3. the wedding day

Nicole pov

I put Matt into he's little tux

Yes I still remember the baby I had to give up I don't even know is it a boy or girl or name all I know is my kid is Matt and only Matt I put on a blue dress long because you know it's work and flats I grabbed Matt and left zayn said he'd meet us there right after work so he'll be 30 mins late to the wedding .

I entered with Matt holding my hand and felt someone hug me from behind

I turned around to find the one and only Calum

OMG hey I haven't seen you in YEARS I MISSED YOU he yelled he still hyper WHOS THIS he rambled

"my son Matt, Matt say hi" I say

"Hi" Matt whispers

"He's shy" I say

"He's cute come"he says pulling me and Matt.

He pulled me to Michael and Ashton

"sup" they said in unison

"Hey who's that Ashton" asked

"That's her son Matt" Calum said

Son!! they yelled in unison

"whose the baby daddy"

z-  calum cuts me off

 'where's luke" Calum asked

"Um I going go do my job be right back"

20 minutes later

I was taking pictures of Mali and her groom jack

When zayn came next to me and Matt

"Hey daddy hey sweetie" me and Matt say together

Suddenly Calum came

Hey Zayn you come did you come with the boys he said taking a Drink from his cup

"sorry nope hes with me for life he's my husband and matts dad"I say before zayn could answer suddenly Calum drops his glass cup and it shatters "que?" (what) calum says

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