Letters To God


4. God replies to Chole

Dear Chole,

This letter won't actually reach you, but I like to think that your heart will tell you what my letter says.I want to tell you that Jamie will live and that in the end having cancer changed her life in a good way, it gave her a new perspective on life and how valuable it is. And Chole if you have faith I will deliver if I can. Faith will  always be enough for me, and you are one of my most faithful children. But you don't need to make empty promises, to be honest I don't care if you pray every single day of your life. I would take one praryer that came from your heart over the meaningless prayers that people say everyday. Most of all I admire your devotion to your sister, anything is a hefty promise to pay. But you must remember above  all that Jamie will get better, and that's a promise.



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