Heartbreak Girl

Skylar James is the girlfriend of Ashton irwin, but when rumors get told, her entire life goes down hill.


2. There's always consiquences

 I answer my phone. "Hello?" I say sniffling.

  "Luke, I was calling to see if you'll make it to band practice.. Are you okay?" Michael asks. 
I choke on my words before I finally managed to say "Hospital." 

  "What about the hospital? What happened?" Michael exclaims. 

  "It's sky.." I say. 

  "What about Sky! Is she okay!" Michael shouted.

  "She tried to kill herself." I continued "she lost a lot of blood, Michael; Ashton broke up with her for no reason. She thought that no one cares anymore." 

  "Calm down, I'll be there soon; I'll see if Calum will come. Maybe Ashton too to realize what his words do to people." Michael replies. 

  "Hurry." I sob. 

  "I will." Mikey says hanging up. Jamie kept sobbing long after I stopped, she ended up on the floor curled up in a ball. A few minutes later two people burst into the waiting room. I look up to see Calum and Michael looking this way. 

   "Luke!" Calum exclaims as they both walk over to us.

  "Hey, Jamie. You shouldn't be laying on the floor." Michael points out helping Jamie off the floor. Jamie hugs Michael crying into his chest. 

  "Where's Ash?" I ask, Calum and Michael go quiet staring down at the floor. "Guys, where is Ashton?"
  Calum sighs, "he's not coming." 

  "What do you mean he's not coming!" I exclaim. 

  "He said that he didn't want to come." Michael says. 

  "Why the hell not!" He started this, it's his fault!" I yell. 

  "Sir, please no swearing or yelling in the waiting room, it disturbs the guests." The nurse at the desk says angrily. 

  "Sorry." I say. 

  "I think he knows that this is his fault, and that's why he's not coming." Calum says. 

  "Now who's running away from his problems." I mutter. 

  "What are you talking about?" Calum questions. 

  "Ash yelled at Skylar today, they broke up this morning an then he sweated at her in Taco Bell." I start. "She ran out crying and he screamed that she's always running away from her problems." 

  "He doesn't deserve her if he's going to do this." Michael protests. 

  "He thought that sky was cheating on him, because there was a man watching movies with her." I explain. 

  "That was our brother Jake, he just got back from a long holiday in America." Jamie points out. 

  "That really was your brother!" Calum exclaims. 

  "Great, now Ashton is really mad at her for nothing. And she's in the hospital because of it!" I scream. 

  "Please be quiet!" The nurse says. 

"Sorry." I say. 

   The waiting room's door opened and a doctor came in with a frown on his face. "I'm sorry to inform you." He starts. 

   "Don't tell me she.." I stop unable to speak. 

   "Let me continue, Skylar is.." He says. 

  "No." Jamie whispers. 

  "Unable to come home for a little while, but she is perfectly fine." He smiles. 

  "You Asshole!" I scream almost punching him, Calum grabs my arm as I calm down. 

  "What did you think I was going to say?" The doctor asks. 

  "That she was dead!" I scream.   

  "Oh I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry." He apologizes. 

  "Just shut up, can we see her?" I ask, he nods. 

  "What room?" Mikey asks. 

The doctor mumbles something with her mouth closed.   

  "What? What are you trying to say, why aren't you talking?" Calum questions. 

  "I was told to shut up, so that's what I did." The doctor says. 

  "We have no time for this, where is she!" I shout. 

  "No need to shout, she's in room 107." He replies. We push past him and run to room 107, inside the room Sky was attached to a bunch of machines; her blue hair was on top of her head in a bun. The four of us came into the room, Jamie fell asleep in a chair next to the bed as we sat down next to her. I look at Sky's arm, her entire forearm was covered in stitches. 

  "Is that what she did?" Michael questions. 

  I nod, "yeah, I thought she was going to die. She thinks no one loves her, that she doesn't matter; that's not true, she matters to a lot of people. She matters to me." I say looking at my hands. 

  "You never told her did you?" Cal asks. 

  "No, I didn't. She's still in love with Ash." I say. 

  "That doesn't mean you can't tell her." Michael protests. "She's known you longer than she's known him." 

  "I love Sky, I do, but I can't tell her that I'm in love with her. She belongs with Ash, I'll find someone." I say. 

  "Luke." Calum starts. 

  "No, I know. Ash hurt her and I shouldn't want them together, but he makes her happy, so he should be with her, not me." I say. 

   "Don't do that to yourself." Mikey says. 

  "It's my choice on what I do, she's in love with Ash, she should be with him not me!" I say. 

  "Do you hear yourself! Ashton did this to her!" Calum says. 

  "He didn't mean to! Ash is a good guy, I know he is. He was hurt because he thought sky was cheating on him." I say. "He loves her so Much." 

   "But." Cal starts. 

   "No. Let's just drop it, I don't want us arguing to be the thing Sky hears when she wakes up." I say with a frown. 

    "Alright idiot." Cal says. 

    "Hey! Don't call him an idiot, he's a very intelligent person right? Idiot?" Mikey says.  

    "You guys are the idiots!" I laugh. 

    "You're all idiots." Someone says. I look up to see Sky smiling at us. 

   "Sky you're awake!" I say. 

   "I want to go home." Sky says. 

   "You can't, the doctors said you need to stay here for a while." Mikey says. 

   "Mikey, when I get out of here, can me and you have a video game night together?" Sky asks. 

   "Sure." Michael smiles. 

   "Thanks." Sky smiles. 

   "You'll be out of here in no time." I say. 

   "Ash didn't come?" Skylar frowns.

   "No, i'm sorry." I say, Skylar looks down at her hands and frowns.  

   "Oh." She mumbles, "He didn't care enough to come?"

   "We don't know why he didn't come." Calum points out.

   "It's okay." Sky smiles. 

   "So, do you want us to stay?" I ask. 

   "I'd rather not be alone, where's Jamie?" Sky questions. 

   "She's laying in a chair behind you." Calum says pointing behind her.

  "Thank god." Skylar sighs. "Luke." she looks up at me.

  "Yes?" I ask.

  "I'm sorry I made you worry about me." 

  "It's okay Sky." I smirk. 

  "No, it's not okay. I didn't realize how worried you were about me, until you busted into my bathroom." Skylar chokes, a tear falling down her cheek.

  "I knocked and you didn't answer, I thought you weren't okay, so burst through the door." I say.

  "Soooo, can we watch some TV?" Cal asks changing the subject.

  "Not yet Cal, I don't want to wake up Jamie." Sky says.

  "Okay." Calum says putting the remote down. 

  "Well, today has been a very eventful day." Michael says. 

  "What time is it?" Skylar asks. 

  "About Two-Thirty." I say checking my phone.

  "Can't time move any faster?" Skylar groans laying back down. "I want to go home."

  "I know." I say.

  "When did i get here?" A quiet voice questions. Jamie sat up and stared at Skylar.

  "Hi squirt." Skylar smiles.

  "Sky, you're okay!" Jamie exclaims hugging sky.

  "Finally we can watch TV!" Calum shouts turning on the TV.

We all watched "Friends" re-runs until midnight, everyone else fell asleep leaving me the last one awake. It's somewhat freaky being in a hospital at night, I can't imagine how many Ghosts are here. Finally i fell asleep.

 Finally Skylar was allowed to leave the hospital, Skylar signed herself out and we grabbed a car to Skylar's house. We arrived at Skylar's house, and Jamie was the first one to run inside. 


Sky's Pov

"C'mon Mikey!" I smile, "it's time to play some video games." I walked inside and sat down on the couch. Michael and Luke sit on both sides of me. Jamie hands me and Mikey some controllers as her and Cal sit down in chairs next to the couch, to decrease Jamie's boredom she decided to play The legend of zelda on her DS.

 "Okay, what do you want to play?"  Mikey asks.

 "How about 'Left for dead?'" I ask.

 "Sounds good." Mikey says, I get ready to stand up and put the game in but Luke makes me sit back down. 

 "I'll get it." Luke says getting up and putting the game in.

 "I was going to do it, but thank you Luke." I smile as Luke sits back down. 

 "No problem, go kick some zombie asses." Luke says. 

 "No swearing around Jamie, She's too young for that kind of language." I say.

 "Why do you have to be fourteen?" Luke whines. 

 "Ask my mother." Jamie says.

 "Because after me, she didn't want to have two small children running around and causing Chaos." I laugh. "Not really, you were and accident." 

 "Nuh uh! Shut up!" Jamie shouts throwing a pillow at me, "Wait, really?"

 "No not really, i'm kidding squirt." I laugh. 

 "Jerk." Jamie says throwing another pillow at me.

 "I love you Jamie." I laugh.

 "No you don't." Jamie pouts.

 "Yes I do." I say. 

 "Fine, I love you too." Jamie says.

 "I know." I smile. Finally we start the game and it's my turn to choose the map, I decided to choose what i believe to be the hardest map. 

 "No, not this map. I hate this map." Mikey whines. 

 "Okay, cry baby. Let's start the game." I laugh.

 "Cry baby? Well, that's not nice." Michael says.

 "Who said I was nice?" I question.

 "Touche." Mikey says.

By the time we finished all the maps, everyone was passed out, i guess they got too bored to stay awake. Jamie was laying upside down in her chair asleep, Luke was leaning his head on my shoulder, and Calum was curled up in a ball in his chair. The only ones who didn't fall asleep were me and Mikey.

 "You know, Luke was insanely worried about you while you were in the hospital." Mikey says pointing to Luke.  

 "That's sweet of him, but he shouldn't worry about me." I smile ruffling Luke's hair. "I'm not something to worry about, I can take care of myself." 

 "Then why were you in the hospital?" Michael hisses.

 "Excuse me?" I say.

 "If you can take care of yourself, why were you in the hospital?" He asks, "That's not something to worry about? That's not taking care of yourself, all of this, over a stupid fight!" 

 "Michael, calm down." I whisper. 

 "I cant, this needs to be said!" He starts. "Ashton is a stupid inconsiderate Asshole at the moment! He didn't mean what he called you, you should know that! He loves you God Dammit! Hearing those Rumors that you cheated on him, broke his heart, he was Angry, he felt betrayed and lied to! So when he saw your brother in there with you, he snapped. It was his fault this happened to you, and maybe you shouldn't be with him! But when I went to visit Ash yesterday.. He was a wreck, he was drunk and could barely stay awake. Two people that i love, that I treat like family, ending like this, it's heartbreaking; So God dammit you are something to fucking worry about! We love you, and we cant stand to see you like this... I'm sorry." 

 "I love you too." I cry hugging him. 

 "Don't be stupid again." He says stroking my hair.

 "I won't." I cry. 


After Michael's rant, everyone had woken up. Calum and Michael ended up going home and promising to be back tomorrow. Luke volunteered to stay and keep an eye on me and Jamie. He headed to the Guest room while me and Jamie headed to our bedrooms. 

 "Goodnight little duck." I say kissing Jamie's forehead, she walked into her room. I don't know where i would be if my little sister wasn't here, and i don't know what i'd do if anything happened to her.  

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