Unconditionally ||L.H.||

Skylenn is... well herself. She doesn't let people tear her down. She had a pretty horrible past so she vowed to never let anyone take advantage or bring her down ever again. So far she's held that up. She just needs to fill the empty void in her life. She's working, she's living with her best friends, she's happy, but something's missing...


3. Chapter 3

Skylenn's POV

1 Day Later


I walk into the building and go back to my room, setting my bag down. I teach guitar lessons which is REALLY fun for me and hopefully the kids learning too. I walk back to the front and see Samantha, my first student sitting in the chair.


"Hey, girl! You ready?" I say and she stands up, following me back to the room. Samantha started learning about a year ago and she's 13 years old now and she's like my best friend, well besides the girls and Calum. She's my guitar best friend, "Are you ready for the concert this weekend?"


"Yeah, I'm really excited, it's gonna be so cool," she smiles, her eyes lighting up. I smile seeing how passionate she is about this.


"Yeah, it's gonna be really fun," I turn my head and see Luke leaning against the doorway, "Shocked to see me?" he smirks.


"Yes, I am, what are you doing here?" I ask, laughing slightly.


"I teach guitar here too, well I started last week. The week you took off," he says, kicking off the wall and walking in.


"Are you two dating?" Sammy asks, looking between us.










"We're not dating."






"Sorry... Are we-?"



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