Kasey is the only one in a group of 4 that isn't a fan of 5seconds of summer.
What happens in Australia when she moves there?


1. moving to sydney

Kasey pov

I was packing my last stuff before I go to the airport, I can't believe that I'm actually going to freaking Australia to study. It was always my dream to study in another country but it's difficult to make your dreams come true. This time it was different my best friend Angelina told me that you could study in Australia if you did an exam so that's what we did, and we passed. It's good to have a change because I hate Belgium it's just always the same. I was finally ready to sent my stuff to the apartment that Angelina and I shared. It's not big but it's big enough for the two of us. 'Kasey, are you ready?' my dad yelled from downstairs 'Yeah, almost' I answered. I heard him walking upstairs and he knocked on the door, I turned around and picked my suitcases 'I'm ready' I said with a big smile. 'I can't believe you grew up so fast, I mean look at you my little girl is moving to Australia' I looked at him and he was proud but at the same time sad. 'I will miss you dad' 'I'll miss you to' he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the head,damn I'm going to miss my dad so much. He was always there for me and now I'm leaving him. 'we need to leave or you'll miss your flight' he said quickly and took my suitcases. I walked behind him but I had to take a look at my room first, it was empty it wasn't my room anymore, the posters were down and all my stuffed animals were packed. yes I'm 20 years old and I still sleep with stuffed animals, the best part is that they're from Pokemon. I walked downstairs and checked if I had my passport. It's weird to leave this house you know, I lived here my entire life and I'm moving away. the ride to the airport was really stressful my dad kept asking me if I had everything with me and that I needed to call him when we landed and that I had to be careful. It was sweet but can he please shut up for 3 minutes I'm nervous and this isn't helping. 'dad,are you going to be ok about me going away?' I asked carefully 'of course bud, this is your dream live it' 'Do you promise to Skype me at least ones a week?' 'yes of course, I want to know how you're new life is going to be' 'It's not a new life, it's just a little change' I said with a little laugh 'so starting over in Australia isn't a new life, huh?' 'nope' we started to laugh. We were at the airport before we knew it and I saw Angelina waiting. I jumped out of the car and ran to her so I could hug her 'OMG IT'S GETTING REAL' she yelled and we started to scream. It was awkward because we were at an airport but who cares they would do the same if they were moving. 'are you two ready to check in or do you want to miss your flight?' her mom asked. 'no we're ready' and we both ran inside. When we were inside we said our parents goodbye, yes we cried but we weren't going to see them for at least 7 months before we came back to Belgium to celebrate Christmas and new year. when we were ready we walked to gate 22 where we had to take our plane. 'Angel, I can't believe that we're actually going it's getting so real' 'I know we are really going to study in Australia and maybe meet a guy that has the name Luke hemmings?'she said excited 'you dream to much, Angel, you have 1 chance in a million that you meet him.' 'it's still a chance' she's smiled and took her phone. 'one more selfie while we're in Belgium' she said and took a picture of the two of us.

on the plane

'Kasey, are you ok?' Angelina asked. 'yeah sure' I lied, I'm terrified in airplanes because their are so much troubles with them lately and it's just not natural that people fly you know. 'Are you sure? your  face is so pale?' 'well I'm ok...physically''are you scared' 'uhu' she gave me a hug 'everything is gonna be alright there's no chance we're going down' I smiled. she always knew what to say. I'm so happy that I'm going with her. 'Angel, I have a question that can't wait' I said with a serious tone 'sounds important' 'because it is' 'ok' I stayed silent for a moment so she got nervous 'ask me already' she said suddenly 'can we take a dog?' I asked with a huge smile 'are you fucking kidding me?' 'no.. I want a dog' 'I thought it was important' 'it is, so what do you think' 'of course we take a dog' 'YEAH' I screamed as loud as I can. I saw some angry faces, oops I forgot I was in a plane 'sorry, I was just enthusiastic and I forgot I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so loud    and I'll shut up now' Angelina was watching me the whole time and started laughing when I was ready talking 'stop laughing this is so not funny' 'yes it is you should have seen your face' she started to laugh even harder. so I started to laugh with her. I had so much fun with her during the flight. We finally arrived in Australia after 23 hours because we had to take at least one connection between Brussels and Sydney. We were so tired but we couldn't sleep. It's to exciting to sleep. we are in Australia for god sake. we were finally able to see the place that they got for us so we took a taxi to our place. They told us that it wasn't big but that it's big enough for 2 college students so we were expecting a little apartment. we gave the driver our address and looked around when we were driving. 'Kasey look..' 'What?' 'the opera house' 'woww it's huge' 'I know right, can't wait to go there' 'come on Angel you're just here we didn't even see the place we got' 'I know but I already make plans so we can start ASAP' 'you're so weird' 'that's why you love me' we both laughed and stared outside the window. after a drive of 30 minutes we finally arrived at our place I took my bags out of the taxi and I heard Angelina screaming Is everything OK?' I looked up and saw it too the only thing I could say was' OH MY GOD'

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