Little Adriana


1. Adirana

Her eyes were meandering at the river of the setting horizon as the sun made its way down into the earth. She had no choice but to look down beneath the level of earth and watch the ocean gently kisses her feat, leaving her with her perplexing thoughts. She heard the ocean call her name, she wanted to go and not look back again. Looking back was her fear. Looking back would remind her of all the things which she was getting away from. Looking back is like tripping in a race; too short from the finish line but too far away. 

Is this what she always wanted? Does she want to follow the sun and get gulped into a void of adventure? She heard it's an adventure but then she was eavesdropping on two ladies. One being her own mother. A beautiful woman she was, much beautiful than her own daughter. If she was a sister, Adriana would sure have envied her beauty even when she knew how wise and honest a being she was. The beauty used to say that everyone gossips, but among all, most are detectives. A gossip may not be true all the time so the one who listens may not hear the truth. Especially if you eavesdrop two ladies, they can also deceive your ears. You may think that it's the absolute truth you're listening to but a truth for one cannot be true to another.
 "The universe is capable of being twisted to a great extent, dear Adriana. Never believe your five senses for  they might be telling you a lie."
An innocent girl she was, little Adriana, she never understood her mother's theories; no one did. But as she  breathes in the air of the ocean and numbs her lungs with the breaths of sadness, she couldn't help but agree more to her mother. Now that she knows the truth, she couldn't believe herself for trusting her five senses for so long. So long she ran through this endless track of life only to lose the way which was lead by her own mother. But her mother herself was a little liar of her own too. She tore away the tracks with her bare hands, shattering a heart made of her own blood. She let her daughter's train fall apart on the way so she could clear a way of her own. Her daughter's respect and dignity for her was too blind to even notice that she was falling on her feet by her life giver. She felt that since she had been a painful guest in her womb for nine months of dreadful life, she had to give back something to her. But instead Adriana got back something she never imagined she would. What she got back was beyond the ties of unbearable. It was rotten knot that she opened too late to reveal the jest of the game she was playing at her own expense without even noticing. She played and she didn't even know. The games were obscure. She never knew that the giggling faces that lit up the strange countenances in town were because she was the clown. She was a clown dressed by her own blood. She was too little a girl to notice the game of life.
At the shore of the whispering ocean, Adriana was in a true state of perplexity to believe or not believe. It was hard to know the difference between a truth and a lie. She was back to square one. Her mother taught her that her five senses were false but she was false on her own. Eyes never lie and Adriana realised it a little too late. She needed to be taught again.

She needed to open her eyes.

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